Top Android App Review Sites for Developers

A group of programming reviewing the code for a new Android app on a touch screen monitor.

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You already know how important marketing your mobile app is once you develop it. A good part of your marketing and promotion efforts involves submitting your app to respected, well-trafficked app review sites. This increases your app's exposure and helps potential users determine if it's a good fit for their purposes. In this article, we bring you some of the top Android app review sites for developers.


AppBrain website home page

This review site for Android apps provides readers with a catalog-style database, which lets them browse and search for apps by category. It also contains a “Latest Reviews” tab, which features the most recent app reviews.

Here, you can write a brief description about your app’s main features, including screenshots and videos of your app, app pricing information, and user ratings.

Users can install apps with just one click and instantly share these with their friends. This means that your app could get additional promotion with no extra effort on your part.


AndroLib website

AndroLib features the latest apps in the market, letting users insert brief reviews on the key functions and screenshots of your app. The catalog-style database offers readers information about pricing, letting them see other user ratings as well.

AndroLib's best feature is that it displays the apps being browsed at any given point in time. The more popular and engaging your app is, the more it will be featured in the “being browsed” list.


Android Apps website

This neatly laid out, blog-style database site lets users browse and search apps by category, while also providing long and detailed descriptions and app recommendations. Users can post screenshots and limited videos of your app online, too. You can inform users regarding price cuts on your app to further promote it.

AndroidApps also features top reviewers every week, so you can choose from among the best to review your app.


AppsZoom website

AppsZoom, previously called AndroidZoom, is a catalog-based app review site that enables users to search, browse, and rate apps. Each app has a brief description. Users can insert screenshots and discuss pricing information, experiences, and the like.

This app review site works well for developers. It features the top picks every week plus a daily app feature. Additionally, AppsZoom maintains a blog featuring the latest entrants in the site, along with a unique Video review section in its official YouTube channel. This further increases the potential range of your app’s exposure.