Airport Sims Games


Judy Bishop - The Travelling Eye / Getty Images

Take over an airport and all the responsibilities that come with it in these airport simulation games. Setting up security, managing traffic, and setting flight schedules are just some of the tasks you'll need to complete. You'll work as an air traffic controller or airport manager to experience what it's like to work in a real ATC tower, dealing with changing weather and emergencies.

'Tower!3D Pro'

The player's job in "Tower!3D Pro" is to guide aircraft to and from the runway for takeoff. The game includes realistic moving foliage and real-time weather changes. The 3D graphics of the airport are stunning. 

The "Tower!3D Pro" download is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

'ATC Simulator 2'

"ATC Simulator 2" has everything you need to experience the job of an air traffic controller. The graphics are not fancy because they represent actual maps used by ATCs for authentic simulations. The sound consists of beeps and voices of pilots. This game is used at universities by students who want to become air traffic controllers.

"ATC Simulator 2" is compatible with Windows 10 and earlier Windows versions.

'Airlines 2'

In "Airlines 2," you don't control just a single airport. Instead, you manage an entire airline. "Airlines 2" makes you responsible for setting up routes and keeping the airline financially secure. Be prepared for sudden tropical storms, oil crises, ill-tempered passengers, and stressed-out flight personnel.

This 2003 game is produced for Windows PCs.

'Airport Control Simulator'

As an air traffic control manager in "Airport Control Simulator," you direct incoming planes to landing strips. Choose from 16 airports and four difficulty levels to experience the pressure of being in an ATC tower. Changing weather conditions complicate matters. 

"Airport Control Simulator" is an online download for Windows XP.

'Airline Tycoon Evolution'

"Airline Tycoon Evolution" is the follow-up to "Airline Tycoon" game. Your objective is to build an airport from the ground up. You oversee every detail of the airport including the level of security, customization of aircraft, and aircraft maintenance. There are 30 locations in the airport where you manage itineraries, maintenance, in-flight entertainment, and security levels.

"Airline Tycoon Evolution" was released for the PC.

'Airport Tycoon'

Design, build and manage an airport in "Airport Tycoon." Choose one of 75 real-world cities for your airport. You'll have to make deals with airlines, set up security, and manage traffic congestion. There are now three versions of "Airport Tycoon." Each has similar goals and gameplay.

This game was released in 2000 for Windows 95 and 98.