Top Action-Adventure Games for PSP

Get Your Game on With These PSP Action-Adventure Picks

This winning selection of action-adventure games for the Sony PSP takes you from Legos to zombies and back again. These widely praised games are keepers that belong in any gamer's repertoire. Check out these 8 top picks for your PSP.

This handheld-sized installment in the Jak and Daxter series features the eponymous smaller half of the team and packs in just as much fun as its PS2 siblings. Play as Daxter and climb walls, creep up on enemies and squeeze in small places. Stick with the game long enough to find every precursor orb and get gold on all the mini games. 

For some, it is hard to overlook that the hero in "Gurumin" is a cute little girl. Hopefully, this doesn't dissuade too many players, because it's a fantastic game. Technically, it's categorized as action rpg, but it's not out of place on an action-adventure game list. 

All of the Lego games are worth playing, but if you have a soft spot for Indiana Jones, this game is not to be missed. Who wouldn't like using Indy's signature whip as a multi-purpose tool? The game includes more than 60 playable characters, and you can mix and match Lego parts to make additional characters.

This PS2 duo made it big on the really small screen. "Size Matters" is only small in the sense that it fits on a PSP. Otherwise, it's just as good as the other games in the series. It was ported to PS2, so you can play it on your TV if you prefer.

This game won an award for its original story, so if you like games with story, "Dead Head Fred" is a good pick—plus head-swapping is just fun. Twisted humor accompanies violence as you switch between the nine collectible heads on the fly to explore new ways to advance in the game.

Cool visuals and a morbid sense of humor endear "Death Jr" to many gamers. Your weapons include dual pistols, a flamethrower, a lightning gun and exploding C4 hamsters. All the characters in this game are beautifully rendered.

"Tomb Raider Legend" made the franchise fabulous again. Laura is more realistic than ever as she travels to exotic locales, treacherous jungles and snowy mountain ranges. Explore ancient realms for clues to Lara's past.

Clank is the break-out star of this adventure game. Ride with Clank as he drives state-of-the-art spy vehicles that include snowboards, speed boats and sports cars, or play as Ratchet or Captain Qwark to find out who framed the innocent Lombax.