22 Stunning Flower Wallpapers

A list of the best free flower wallpapers for your computer

Laptop with tulips flowers on pink background. Flat lay. Top view. Composition with copy space.
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Adding a flower wallpaper to your computer desktop, laptop background, tablet, or mobile device, is such an easy and free way to brighten up your room and add some color to your everyday. In the warmer months, it can serve as almost an extra window into the world and during the cooler months of the year, it can provide a mini-escape from the harsh winter.

I've put together this list of the top free flower wallpapers that are my absolute favorites and I hope you enjoy them too. You'll find beautiful flower wallpapers of roses, dahlias, tulips, cherry blossoms, lilacs, daisies, sunflowers, peonies, gardenias, hydrangeas, orchids, crocuses, water lilies, and many other types of flowers.

Not sure how to get these beautiful flower wallpapers as your background? Here's how you change the wallpaper on your computer or phone

You can find hundreds more free flower wallpapers in other categories like rose wallpapers, red rose wallpapers, and spring wallpapers. These free beach wallpapers will simply whisk you away to a warmer place. You can also visit the best free wallpaper sites to search for your favorite images yourself.

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Creamy Dahlia Flower by Wallcoo.net

A close-up of a pink Dahlia

If you're looking for a soft and gentle flower wallpaper then you must check out this photo of a pink/peach Dahlia flower. The softest petals slightly curl up towards the camera and a touch of green in the background just begins to suggest what other beautiful flowers lay beyond the shot.

You can download this Dahlia flower wallpaper in 1024x768 or 1280x800 for your normal or wide screen monitor.

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Yellow Tulips by Fanpop

Yellow tulips reach up toward the blue sky

Yellow tulips reach their heads up the sunny blue sky in this bright and cheerful flower wallpaper. A field of tulips has to be one of the prettiest sights out there.

This flower wallpaper can be downloaded in it's original size of 1024x768, and HD size of 852x480 or as normal resolutions of 400x300, 640x480, and 800x600.

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Japanese Cherry Blossom by Wallcoo.net

Wallpaper - Japanese cherry blossoms on a branch.


A branch of Japanese cherry blossoms is featured in this stunning flower wallpaper. The blurry pink in the background hints to trees full of more Japanese cherry blossoms, transporting you to another place altogether.

This free flower wallpaper can be downloaded as a 1280x1024 wallpaper and then resized to fit your monitor.

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Purple Lilac Flowers by Fanpop

Purple lilac flowers with a blue background
HD Wallpapers

Lilacs are my favorite flower and the sight and smell of them make me smile. I adore this flower wallpaper that features the pretty purple lilac flowers against a digital background. It's the perfect mix of reality and dream.

You can get this flower wallpaper in lots of different sizes for your wide screen, full screen, HD, netbook, and mobile screen.

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Isolated Daisy Wallpaper at HD Fine Wallpapers

A single daisy growing through a wooden walkway
HD Fine Wallpapers

A single daisy finds life between the cracks of an old wooden slat in this flower wallpaper that mixes nature with structure. It's not your average flower wallpaper but it may be just what you're looking for.

This flower wallpaper is available in 1920x1200 resolution for a wide screen monitor but can fit a normal screen as well.

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Peony by L4HL1ZZD4H/Deviant Art

A pink peony fully bloomed
L4hl1zzd4h/Deviant Art

This stunning flower wallpaper is a close-up shot of a peony in full bloom with a few others that are now buds but will soon be beautiful flowers as well making a lovely bouquet of peonies.

This flower wallpaper can be downloaded as a 2592X1944 image size making it a good fit for any full screen computer monitor.

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Drops by WallpapersCraft

Wallpaper - An orange flower with droplets of water.


A macro shot of a pretty orange flowers shows drops of dew that have formed during the early hours of the morning in this unique flower wallpaper.

You can get this free flower wallpaper for your full screen or wide screen computer monitor as well as your mobile phone.

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Sunflowers at Sunset by Dream Wallpaper

A field of sunflowers with the setting sun in the background
Dream Wallpaper

A field of sunflowers begins to bow their heads as the sun sets turning the sky into a masterpiece of colors in this calming flower wallpaper.

This flower wallpaper is available for download in a wide variety of resolutions for whatever size monitor or mobile device you have.

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Misty Blossoms by HD Wallpapers

A field of purple flowers in the mist
HD Wallpapers

Not just one, or even two, but a whole field of beautiful flowers are in this flower wallpaper. I love how the mist and trees really make the flowers pop here.

You can get this free flower wallpaper in a bunch of sizes for whatever type of monitor you have.

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Pink Rose by eWallpapers

Wallpaper - Pink rose laying on splintered wood.


A dusty pink rose lays waiting for that special someone to pick it up in this urban meets nature flower wallpaper.

Get this flower wallpaper for your computer monitor or mobile phone.

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Mophead Hydrangea by Wallcoo.net

A group of purple, pink, and white Hydrangeas

A Hydrangea bush is in full bloom with clusters of pastel purple, pink, and white flowers in this flower wallpaper from Wallcoo.net.

You'll be able to download this free flower wallpaper in 1024x768 resolution.

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Purple Orchid by Best Wallpaper HD

A purple orchid laying on a white towel
Best Wallpaper HD

You'll be transported to a day at the spa in this relaxing flower wallpaper. A single stem of a purple orchid lays gently on a towel and fills the room with sweet and calming scent.

You can download this flower wallpaper in 1024X768, 1152X864, 1280X1024, or 1600X1200.

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Lily of the Valley by Wallcoo.net

A white Lily of the Valley

A pair of Lily of the Valleys take their spot in the sun in this pretty blue, green, and white flower wallpaper.

This flower wallpaper is available in a 1024x768 resolution making it ideal for a full screen computer monitor wallpaper.

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Purple Crocus by eWallpapers

Wallpaper - A closeup of a purple crocus flower.


A group of purple Crocuses pose for the camera in this bright and colorful flower wallpaper.

This flower wallpaper will work with just about any size wide screen, full screen, or HDTV monitor.

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Water Lily Flower by Wallpaper Abyss

A pink water lily
Wallpaper Abyss

A light-pink water lily shines in the morning sun in this flower wallpaper. I love how you can see the water in this background with the slight reflection.

This flower wallpaper can be downloaded in 800x600 or 1024x768.

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Orange Flower by eWallpapers

An orange flower with a blue background

A petal-perfect orange flower is set in front of a soft blue background in this striking flower wallpaper by eWallpapers.

This free flower wallpaper will fit your 1024x768, 1600x1200, or 1920x1440 resolution monitor.

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Sunny Flowers by eWallpapers

Wallpaper - Purple flowers reaching for the sunny sky.


Take one look at this flower wallpaper and you'll fall in love! This delicate purple flowers seem to really be enjoying the sun in this one.

Download this free flower wallpaper in resolutions for full screen and wide screen monitors.

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Colorful Flowers by Dream Wallpaper

A colorful group of Dahlias
Dream Wallpaper

A colorful group of Dahlias in all their glory in colors of pink, red, and white are in this flower wallpaper that you can download for free.

This is available as a 1680x1050 resolution wallpaper which will look great on almost any computer screen.

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Flower Wallpaper by PeakPX

A yellow and red striped flower

A red and yellow striped flower sits upon a background of fresh green in this flower wallpaper.

Get this flower wallpaper in normal or HD resolutions for your computer.

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Glass Bowl by Cool Wallpapers

Pink flowers floating in a bowl full of water
Cool Wallpapers

A glass bowl full of water holds several pink flowers with their green leaves in this flower wallpaper.

This flower wallpaper is available in just one size must should fit most full screen computer monitors.

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Butterfly and Flowers by Dream Wallpaper

A butterfly in a group of yellow flowers
Dream Wallpaper

A single butterfly takes a rest on a pretty yellow flower in this wonderful flower wallpaper.

Get this flower wallpaper in 1680x1050 for your wide screen monitor.

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Single Red Rose by WallpaperStock

Close-up of a red rose
Wallpaper Stock

This flower wallpaper showcases a beautiful red rose. This red rose gets my vote as the perfect rose - just look at those petals!

You can download this flower wallpaper in 1024x768 resolution.