Tony Hawk's Project 8 Soundtrack List

Every song from the 2006 skating game

A skater balances on a curb in Tony Hawk's Project 8


Tony Hawk's Project 8 is a skateboarding video game developed by Neversoft and published by Activision in 2006. It launched on PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Portable. The Tony Hawk series is known for having a killer soundtrack, and Project 8 is no exception. Considered by some aficionados to be the last good game in the franchise, it introduced new controls, an open world, great graphics, and more while maintaining the core Tony Hawk attitude.

"Project 8" was released an eternity ago by gaming standards but its soundtrack makes it easy to relive the fun of the original game. Here's the full tracklist.

The Tony Hawk's Project 8 Complete Tracklist

The Tony Hawk's Project 8 soundtrack is a who's who of '80s and '90s rock bands, including Primus, Nine Inch Nails, The Ramones, and more.

  • “80 on 80” by Legitimate Business
  • “American Life” by Primus
  • “Angel of Death” by Slayer
  • “Anthem of the Prodigal Son” by Die Young (TX)
  • “Any Day” by Typical Cats
  • “At the Helm” by Hieroglyphics
  • “Bitch and Moan” by Pardon My Extinguisher
  • “Cause” by Claus Grabke
  • “Chase the Devil” by Eagles of Death Metal
  • “Chump” by Oh No
  • “Club Foot” by Kasabian
  • “Devotion” by Charizma and PB Wolf
  • “Dirty Evil” by Noise
  • “Do What Your Daddy Say” by Voltera
  • “Druganaut” by Black Mountain
  • “Getting Smaller” by Nine Inch Nails
  • “Glasgow Mega Snake” by Mogwai
  • “Gone Daddy Gone” by Gnarls Barkley
  • “Goodbye” by Supersuckers
  • “Gravity's Rainbox” by The Klaxons
  • “Hemlock” by Aurelius
  • “I Wanna Live” by The Ramones
  • “Ice Cream Headache” by Thunderlords
  • “In This Legacy” by Monty Are I
  • “Interzone” by Joy Division
  • “Iron Swan” by The Sword
  • “Kill the King” by Zeke
  • “Lowlife” by Cryptic Slaughter
  • “Lycanthrope” by Plus 44
  • “Move” by Damian Marley
  • “Moving at the Speed of Life” by Living Legends
  • “Nic Fit” by Sonic Youth
  • “One by One” by Immortal
  • “Optimo” by Liquid Liquid
  • “Palisades” by Stasera
  • “Pay Any Price” by Transplants
  • “Plastic Passion” by The Cure
  • “Punk Rock Girl” by the Dead Milkmen
  • “Radio” by 76% Uncertain
  • “Second Thoughts” by Revolution Mother
  • “Skate Town” by VanStone
  • “Smack” by Ugly Duckling
  • “Social Suicide” by Bad Religion
  • “Stigmata (Remix)” by Ministry
  • “Summer Madness” by Kool and the Gang
  • “The Frighteners” by The Channeling
  • “The Queen and I” by Gym Class Heroes
  • “The Red” by Jaylib
  • “This Job Is Killing Me” by The Walkmen
  • “Time Tough” by Toots & the Maytals
  • “Without Warning” by Thine Eyes Bleed
  • “Woman” by Wolfmother
  • “Wonder Years” by Wildchild
  • “You're Not the Only One” by The Throwaways
  • “Your Little Hoodrat Friend” by The Hold Steady
  • “Zoo York City” by Funk Face