TomTom's New Glass-touchscreen GO 2405 Car GPS

TomTom GO 2405 Review
The TomTom GO 2405 features a glass capacitive touchscreen, and free product lifetime traffic subscription and map updates. TomTom

The Bottom Line

With its GO 2405 TM (4.3-inch screen) and GO 2505 TM (5-inch screen) models, TomTom unveils two car GPS units that showcase new technology and features for the company. The new GOs include new routing technology, an enhanced user interface, high-resolution, glass capacitive touchscreen displays, a new mounting system, and more. Their prices and features place them near the top of TomTom's line, but distinct from LIVE-series models, which can access real-time data wirelessly (cellular network) via the Internet. We review the GO 2405 TM here, but the GO 2505 ($319) is identical except for its larger screen size.


  • Sharp, capacitive glass touchscreen.
  • Multi-touch functionality.
  • Good speaker, clear directions.
  • Solid, easy-to-adjust windshield mount.


  • Voice command directions difficult to find and use within the menu system.
  • TomTom LIVE services Internet connectivity not available with this model.
  • Non-standard power/data cord connector.


  • 4.3-inch (diagonal) glass capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch.
  • Free product lifetime traffic detection & avoidance subscription and map updates.
  • Pair with compatible bluetooth-equipped mobile phone for hands-free calling.
  • Text-to-speech enabled: announces turn-by-turn directions, including street and place names.
  • TomTom Advanced Lane Guidance shows you which lane to be in before upcoming turns on multi-lane highways.
  • Voice recognition: 130 commands.
  • 4 GB internal flash memory.
  • Includes traffic data receiver (integrated with power cord).

Guide Review 

Capacitive glass touchscreens with multi-touch capability: They are becoming important features, now that consumers are becoming accustomed to them on their smartphones. TomTom introduces glass touchscreens to its line on its GO 2405 TM (reviewed here) and GO 2505 models. These were released soon after Garmin came out with its super-slim, glass-touchscreen Nuvi 3790T.

Capacitive glass screens provide sharper, clearer images and text than the more typical plastic, resistive touchscreens used on car GPS devices, are more sensitive to the touch, and they enable pinch-to-zoom and other multi-touch capabilities. The GO 2405 delivers these advantages, for the most part.

To conduct this review, I drove with a TomTom GO 2405 for more than 300 miles of mixed city, rural, and highway driving, and also had the opportunity to use the extra-widescreen 2505 model.

Besides the new glass screen, the GO 2405 has a new "click & lock" mounting system. The GPS device itself easily drops into the windshield mount and is held firmly with the assistance of a concealed, strong magnet in the case. Also held magnetically is the power cord, which clicks easily and firmly in place. The only downside to this is a proprietary junction, rather than the typical/standard mini-USB jack. The windshield mount itself attaches firmly and easily and has clean look and outstanding adjustability with the help of a ball socket.

I found the menu system to be clear, quick, and relatively easy to use. Your opening options include "navigate to" and "view map" (you may pinch-to-zoom in view map mode) and other options (plan route, etc.) aligned below. One nice touch: you may make your own menu under the settings options.

The TomTom GO 2405 quickly calculated new routes, and in the TomTom tradition, provided superior route preview and selection options.

The GO 2405 (and 2505) are voice-command capable, with available commands including map view types (2D/3D), add-to-favorites, brightness, alternative routes, calling, navigate to (home, ATM, etc.), gas station, parking garage. You may also input address by voice command. My only complaint is that voice command options are buried in the menu system, and the list of available voice command terms is not easy to access. I solved this problem, in part, by making my own menu that put routing voice input and voice command activation on the home map screen.

During busy urban driving, I appreciated two features that have been part of TomTom's devices for some time, Advanced Lane Guidance, and traffic detection and avoidance. Lane guidance provides a nice lane and exit preview on multi-lane highways, and traffic detection and alternate routing continues to improve.

Another nice feature, Bluetooth connectivity to my smartphone, was easy to implement, and I appreciated the 2405's good-quality speaker, and sensitive mic for this purpose.

Overall, the 2405 and 2505 models are solid steps forward for TomTom, and are among the best on the market for the price.