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  • Freelance writer covering technology, business, and entertainment.

  • Articles have appeared in Video&Filmmaker, The Big Issue, and more.

  • Served as a consultant for CBS.

  • Regular contributor to the Launch Ticker newsletter.

  • Screenwriter and filmmaker behind numerous films.


Tom Wilton is a former Lifewire writer covering technology, business, and entertainment who specializes in G Suite, iOS, and macOS. He also has extensive knowledge and experience with camera technology, photography, iPhoneography, audio equipment and software, and video editing tools.

Tom has served as a script consultant for CBS, helping to parse various technology concepts for TV audiences and is also a regular contributor to the Launch Ticker newsletter. Tom is also a working filmmaker with numerous projects to his name as a screenwriter, producer, and director.


Tom is a self-taught writer and filmmaker. He first became entrenched in technology when he had to teach himself how to code an HTML website for his debut film. Since then, Wilton has developed a broad and deep knowledge of consumer, professional, and enterprise technologies.

A Message from Thomas James Wilton

Technology is fascinating because it informs so many aspects of our lives in so many different ways.

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