Toil and Trouble? Alchemy Sim 'Potion Craft' Finally Coming to More Consoles

Get ready to brew on PS4, PS5, and Switch

The massively popular and critically revered alchemy simulator Potion Craft is finally coming to more home gaming consoles.

The title was previously only available on Xbox and PC via Steam but is releasing next year on PlayStation systems and the Nintendo Switch hybrid console. For the uninitiated, Potion Craft is exactly what it sounds like, a comprehensive alchemist simulator that features a robust crafting system.

Potion Craft


Where crafting systems are a minor feature of most games, here it is the primary mechanic. You mix and match potions, search for new recipes, and deal with various tools and ingredients, as well as ornery customers. There are hundreds of recipes and ingredients to uncover as you work toward the eventual goal of creating the renowned Philosopher’s Stone (no relation to Harry Potter).

The title has been heralded for its unique crafting mechanics, illustration-based graphics, and gameplay progression style. This is, more or less, an open-world sandbox title that you can tackle how you want, though the open 'world' aspect here is a series of ornate illustrations and menu boxes that recall iconic medieval designs.

The developer has not announced an exact launch date, only indicating the release window of Spring 2023. Potion Craft is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Switch. No pricing information is available as of this writing, but it costs around $15 for other platforms. 

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