Tobii I-12 and I-15 Speech Generating Devices

Provides AAC, Computer Access, Text-to-Speech, and Environmental Controls

Tobii I-12 and Tobii I-15 speech generating devices
Tobii speech generating devices facilitate computer access, environmental control, speech output, and long distance communication. Tobii, Inc.

The Tobii I-Series (including the I-12 and I-15) are speech generating devices that facilitate computer access, environmental controls, speech, and long distance communication. Both devices support both touch and gaze interaction with a built-in eye tracker.

The I-Series is designed for persons with ALS, aphasia, cerebral palsy, or Rett Syndrome, among other conditions, who rely on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) technology in order to speak.

Both devices are built to withstand everyday use, whether they’re carried around or mounted on a wheelchair. The units feature scratch resistant Gorilla Glass, an impact-resistant solid-state hard drive (SSD), and no cables to get caught on things. An Ingress Protection Rating of 43 also means the I-Series devices resist moisture and particles.

Tobii I-Series Product Features

Hot Swappable Batteries: Each battery provides 9 hours of nonstop communication per charge. Many device settings—such as the built-in auto brightness adjustment—enable users to conserve battery life as well as charge and change batteries without disrupting usage.

Wake-on-Gaze and Sleep-on-Gaze: A quick gaze at the “eye button” outside the screen can put an I-12 or I-15 to sleep or wake it up. Turn it off before going to sleep, then follow the illuminators back to the eye button to turn it back on in the morning.

Mounting Options: Tobii I-Series devices come with a reversible mounting plate that supports both Rehadapt and Daessy mounting systems for use at home or school. Each also features a wedge design and auto screen rotation that lets you stand the device upright for gaze interaction or lay it down for touch interaction. A built in handle makes carrying between locations easy.

Communications: Communicate from any location, e.g. in bed, at the dinner table, at school etc. Tobii enables you to communicate through speech, e-mail, text messaging, chat, Skype or phone calls using Bluetooth technology. Connect your device to a mobile phone of choice; use synthetic or natural speech to make calls—all on your own.

Connectivity: Networking inputs include USB ports, HDMI, Bluetooth and Ethernet, and the ability to add switches. The HDMI port lets you connect to a large-screen TV or smart screen at school or work, enabling you to share images and to participate in class.

Cameras & Social Media: Tobii I-Series devices have one camera facing forward and a second facing the user. The pair facilitates face-to-face communication online. Tobii Communicator page sets make it easy to use Skype, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as manage a blog or personal website. Tobii Gaze Interaction also provides full access to Windows and other social media applications. You can also take and share photos, surf the web, and play games.

Infrared Controls: I-Series devices are programmed with GEWA (Global Electric Wholesaler Association) codes, which enable users to control many things in the home or office, including doors, lights, the air conditioner, phones, TVs, DVD players, stereos, and toys using just one’s eyes.

Software Included in Tobii I-Series

Tobii's I-Series devices come with both Tobii Communicator and the Tobii Sono Suite, which supports continual growth with your eye tracking device and supports all Windows 7 applications. The applications are designed to get you up and running quickly and put you on a growth path to improved communication and increased independence.

About Tobii Technology

Tobii Technology is the global market leader in eye tracking and pioneer of gaze interaction. The company’s products are widely used within the scientific community and in commercial market research and usability studies. They are also used as a means to communicate by people with disabilities. Tobii drives innovation of eye-tracking technology in many other areas, offering OEM components for integration into various industry applications, such as for use in hospitals, engineering, sports and the entertainment industry. Founded in 2001, the company has received numerous awards for its technology innovations and recognitions for its rapid financial growth. Tobii is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and has offices in the United States, Germany, Norway, Japan, and China.