TNEF's Enough 2.2 - Winmail.dat Decoder

TNEF's Enough - Winmail.dat Decoder
TNEF's Enough - Winmail.dat Decoder. Josh Jacob

TNEF's Enough makes it easy to deal with winmail.dat attachments by extracting all files found in them when you just drop them on the Dock icon. Integration with email programs—maybe via AppleScript—might be nice to have.

Pros and Cons of TNEF's Enough


  • TNEF's Enough extracts files from ms-tnef winmail.dat attachments
  • You can set up TNEF's Enough to work automatically after you drop a winmail.dat on its Dock icon


  • TNEF's Enough does not integrate with email programs and is not accessible via AppleScript
  • In "manual" mode, you can only save one file at a time
  • TNEF's Enough saves files with file names shortened to 8 characters

Description of TNEF's Enough

  • TNEF's Enough extracts and saves files from application/ms-tnef winmail.dat attachments.
  • You can save files individually or automate extraction when a file is dropped on the Dock icon.
  • TNEF's Enough shows you each file's attributes (title, data, MAPI properties, etc.).
  • TNEF's Enough supports Mac OS X.

Expert Review of TNEF's Enough 2.2 - Winmail.dat Decoder

Those winmail.dat attachments are both a mystery and a nuisance. You can often just ignore them (they also appear as attachments of type "application/ms-tnef") because they usually contain unnecessary formatting data—but sometimes they hide vital attachments. Since ms-tnef attachments can be prevented you can try educating the sender, of course.

Using TNEF's Enough Is Easy

How much more elegant, easy and satisfying it is, however, to just drop the winmail.dat attachment on a Dock icon and see the contained files emerge on your Desktop! With TNEF's Enough, turning ennui into mastery is that easy. Besides the automatic mode, you can also use TNEF's Enough manually and extract files one by one. In this mode, you also get some extra information to which you'd better do not pay too much attention.

As easy as using TNEF's Enough is, integration with the major email programs—maybe through AppleScript, maybe through extensions and bundles—might be nice. It's also a slight pity that TNEF's Enough saves files using file names truncated to just 8 characters.

(Updated December 2015)