How to Get the T-Mobile Military Discount

There are two different plans for eligible military members and veterans

What to Know

  • Go to the military verification page on T-Mobile > log in > select a plan > Military Verification > fill in the requested information.
  • You'll have 45 days to submit forms to confirm your status; T-Mobile will usually place you on the plan in the meantime.

This article explains how to get the T-Mobile military discount and who is eligible to receive it.

How the T-Mobile Military Discount Works

T-Mobile offers two different flat-fee discount plans for qualifying military members. The Magenta Military plan is $25/line; the Magenta MAX Military plan is $35/line.

Those discounted rates are substantially lower than the standard Magenta and Magenta MAX plans from T-Mobile, which are $47 and $57 per line, respectively. Those prices make T-Mobile worth checking out.

Both are unlimited plans and include up to four lines plus 5G access for compatible devices; an additional two lines (for a total of six) can receive a 50 percent discount. The plans vary between streaming speeds, mobile hotspot data, data and texting speeds, and in-flight Wi-Fi access.

You must confirm military service verification within 45 days of signup, and AutoPay is required.

Who Qualifies for the Discount

The military member must be the account holder and apply for the discount unless it's a Gold Star family member. If an active duty member is deployed, T-Mobile will allow a spouse or another family member to apply for the member and verify eligibility.

T-Mobile accepts the following documents for verification depending on the member's status and military branch:

  • Leave and Earnings statement
  • Orders
  • Power of Attorney
  • DD214
  • Honorable discharge certificate
  • Veterans Affairs ID card
  • VA Form 26-1880
  • Retirement certificate
  • DD1300
  • Driver's license showing veteran status
  • NGB 23
  • Retirement Points statement

How to Apply

The military member or Gold Star family member must be the primary account holder with T-Mobile. You can apply either in-person at a T-Mobile store or online.

Follow these steps to apply online.

  1. Go to the T-Mobile military verification page.

    New users should select their preferred military plan during the sign-up process, then go to the military verification page once sign-up is complete.

  2. Enter the T-Mobile phone number. Click Next.

    The T-Mobile log in screen showing where to enter identifying information.
  3. Enter your password. Click Log in.

    The T-Mobile password page
  4. On your account screen, click Change My Plan.

    The Change my plan button on the T-Mobile site.
  5. The Manage my plan screen will compare your current plan against the military plan you are selecting to ensure you are getting the best deal. Use the drop-down menus to make comparisons.

    Once you have decided on the plan you want, click Get Verified.

    The Manage my plan page showing a comparison between a military plan and a regular plan.
  6. Click Military Verification.

  7. Enter your personal information on the Military verification/Submit information page. Click Submit information.

    The military verification page for T-Mobile.

    The verification page automatically fills in the plan member's name. If that is not the military member's name, you will need to either create a new account with T-Mobile or contact the company to complete the process.

    The validation process typically takes 10 minutes or less; you will have 45 days from the military plan activation to confirm your status with appropriate documentation and keep the discount. If T-Mobile cannot verify the information by that point, it will place you on a corresponding Magenta or Magenta Max plan (undiscounted).

    If any issues occur or T-Mobile requires additional information, it will notify you. Otherwise, you can expect a confirmation of your status to arrive via email within 48 hours.

    You can use existing phones or purchase new ones through T-Mobile.

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