TJ McCue


TJ McCue is a professional writer; owner of marketing services company, Refine Digital, and most recently spent 8+ months driving around the USA in a large blue RV called the 3DRV to research and report on what people and companies are doing with 3D technology.

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With over 25 years working with technology companies and their products as a beta tester, analyst, and researcher/writer, TJ has long been involved with hardware and software on a variety of levels. 

His technology experience began after he joined the U.S. Air Force in the late 1980s as an avionics technician – radio, radar and a variety of other electronic devices. He was convinced to buy his first PC during that time, from Radio Shack (where else), and proceeded to work on getting it to work with the high quality dot matrix printer.

During and after college, TJ continued to hone his tech skills serving technology companies, predominantly SaaS (Cloud) providers with marketing services. He worked with small, entrepreneurial companies, catching the startup bug and starting his own software company targeting the adventure travel market. Not long after that, he got interested in 3D printing and was part of the team that organized the first Maker Faire in Washington State, called KitsapMaker.

That community work led TJ to start writing for Forbes, Make, American Express OPEN Forum, and the Harvard Business Review (occasionally) about 3D Printing and how businesses were using it and being impacted by it.

He just completed an around-the-USA journey, called 3DRV, covering all 48 contiguous states in the RV and studied and reported on what people and companies are doing with 3D technology – everything from design to scanning to printing. From individual artisans and startups to global brands such as GE, Ford, Smithsonian, NASA and others, he sat down for in-depth conversations with the thought leaders driving change in how we make things; how 3D is changing us and markets. 


BA - Professional Writing

MA - Communications/Marketing

TJ McCue

I really like what Thomas Edison is reported to have said: "There are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something.”

When we think about creating something new, as many 3D printing companies are trying to do, we cannot be bound by old rules and tradition. As an entrepreneurial-minded person, innovation happens when we realize there is no metaphorical "box" -- there are no rules when you are out to change the world and make something happen.

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