Finding Your TiVo MAK (Media Access Key)

In order to use other devices and software with your TiVo, you'll need a 10-digit sequence called a TiVo Media Access Key, or MAK. This key shows up between 2 and 24 hours after purchasing the Home Networking Package.

With this package and the associated key, you can use TiVo with an iPad and other devices on your network, view recordings in multiple rooms in your house, convert TiVo recordings for portable devices, stream music or photos through your TiVo, and more.

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How to Find the TiVo MAK

Finding your TiVo Media Access Key is easy if you know where to look:

  1. Access the main TiVo Central menu.

  2. Select Messages & Settings > Account & System Information.

  3. Look for the MAK in the Media Access Key section.

  4. Take down the key and use it for whatever pairing you might need to complete.

Alternatively, you can find your TiVo Media Access Key by logging into your account at and selecting the Media Access Key link on the side of the page.

You'll only need your access key for certain things, so there's little need to keep it safe. You can always find it in both of these locations.

The MAK is associated with the account that set it up, not the TiVo device itself. This means you still have to purchase the Home Networking Package even if you bought a used TiVo from someone who previously purchased it.

What to Do If the MAK Is Missing

If you don't see the TiVo Media Access Key on your TiVo or online account, try the following:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Select DVR Preferences.

  3. Uncheck the radio buttons that allow transfers and enable videos on any and all the TiVos that are listed.

  4. Make sure to save these changes.

  5. Ensure that the TiVo has a network connection and then wait one hour.

  6. Log back into your account and then reverse Step 3 (enable those radio buttons again).

  7. Again, make sure those settings are saved and wait another hour.

  8. Unplug the TiVo's power from the wall and then plug it back in.

  9. Go back to the section above and try those steps to see if your MAK shows up this time.

Help! TiVo Isn't Connected to the Internet

If you need to connect your TiVo to a wired Ethernet or wireless network, TiVo has instructions complete instructions on their website.

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