Titanfall Review (PC)

Review of Titanfall for the PC

Titan & Pilot. © Electronic Arts


Titanfall is a multiplayer first person shooter that, prior to its release, had been billed as the game that will supplant the stranglehold the Call of Duty franchise has had on the first person shooter genre for the past half decade or longer. That may be more marketing related hype than anything, but the dozens of awards the game has already won and this hype may be warranted. While Titanfall uses many familiar multiplayer first person shooter components, it is able to present it in a way that offers a fresh and exciting experience with perfect gameplay balance, unique movement mechanics, and visually stunning environments and animation.

Game Details

  • Title: Titanfall
  • Genre: Action, First Person Shooter
  • Theme: Sci-Fi
  • ESRB Rating: M for Mature
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Respawn Entertainment
  • Game Modes: Multiplayer only
  • Pros: Perfect balance in terms of Pilot & Titan roles; Wall running, double jumps and more unique movement capabilities;
  • Cons: No single player mode; multiplayer campaign doesn't contain much story


Set many years in the future, Titanfall takes place on distant planets, known as The Frontier, far from Earth that are in the midst of armed conflict between two factions, The Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and The Militia, a group looking to break the hold the IMC has over the planets of the Frontier. Upon first glance, it's east to see the many similarities Titanfall has with other multiplayer first person shooters. Players begin by selecting either a default or custom loadout that will equip their foot soldier, known as a Pilot, with a set of weapons and abilities for how they'd like to play the current match. The default/starting loadouts and weapons included fit into three general classifications, the all-around or general purpose loadout know as Rifleman, long ranged stealth based loadout called Assassin and closed quarters, heavy infantry loadout known as CQB loadout. These can be completely reworked once you gain experience and a feel for the different weapons and abilities of the pilots.

Each pilot in Titanfall also comes equipped with a jetpack this is where the game begins to separate itself as a standard multiplayer first person shooter. The jetpack allows the pilot to make acrobatic, parkour style movement throughout the maps including wall running, double jumps, wall hanging, mantling, and rodeo. Wall running, wall hanging, and double jumps are exactly what they sound like. As a pilot, you have the ability to run up and along walls, coming at enemies from all sorts of angles. Jump up and over objects, jump up walls, shuffling from one wall to the next to make your way up to the floor of a partially destroyed building, the different types of movements are numerous based on the different objects on the map. The Rodeo move is when you jump onto the back of a friendly or enemy Titan, which allows for extra cover or attack on the Titan's weak spot respectively. This freedom in mobility is something you'll want to try and master and adds a new and exciting element to game play that's not been seen in a multiplayer shooter.

At the beginning of a match, Titans start in a cool down phase which is basically a simple countdown timer before pilots can call down their Titans. This timer can be reduced by making kills of other pilots or minions. Once the timer has expired a Titan becomes available and can be dropped down on an open area of the map for the pilot to board. Towering over the pilots who board them, Titans are an impressive sight to see on the battle and once inside, players will have a new array of powerful weaponry at their disposal. Upon release, there were three types of titans the Ogre, Atlas, and Stryder with each having an inverse agility to armor relationship. The Ogre is the heavily armored slow moving Titan, Atlas is the all around Titan with average agility & armor and Stryder is the light armored, highly agile Titan.

What Titanfall does so well is the perfect game play balance between Pilots and Titans. The image of Titans towering over pilots one-third the size would give the impression that once you obtain your Titan, you will own the map sending pilots running for the hills at the appearance of the first Titan. That thinking is far from the truth, in fact, Titans can be just as vulnerable as a free running pilot and pilots can be as powerful as Titans with a Rodeo jump or well-placed burst from a smart pistol.


Titanfall include many of the same weapon types you'll find in most shooters. Pilot loadouts consist of one primary weapon, one sidearm, an anti-titan weapon, one ordnance, and two tier kits. Primary pilot weapons consist of carbines, shotguns, sniper rifles, sub machine guns and other similar weapons which fit with the role your pilot may be playing in a particular match. One unique weapon available to pilots as a primary weapon is the Smart Pistol which locks on a target's head and chest firing a burst of three bullets. Anti-Titan weapons include rocket and grenade launchers and an electrical arc gun. In addition to the three standard weapons, Pilots will also have an ordnance weapon (grenade, mine, etc...) as well as a tactical ability such as Cloak and Stim which grants invisibility or boosts speed/health respectively.

Titans have similar weapon loadouts with weapons scaling to the size of a titan. They include 40mm cannon, rockets, chaingun, railgun and more. In addition to standard weaponry, both pilots and titans have two Tier kits which are unlockable and allow for various additional special abilities such as Nuclear Ejection which ejects pilot from a titan and turns your titan into a nuclear bomb or enhanced parkour kit for pilots which increases your wall running and hanging ability. In all there are 5 selections in each Tier 1 and Tier 2 for both titans and pilots. These various loadouts and unlockable abilities give players a great deal of customizations for both pilots and titans.


At the time of release, Titanfall includes 15 multiplayer maps that are more open than many typical multiplayer shooters that have players winding through alleyways or through buildings. In lieu of a single player campaign, Respawn Entertainment has developed a story based multiplayer campaign, which is probably the weakest area of Titanfall, not because it's any less fun to play or a bad storyline but simply because it isn't much different than the standard competitive multiplayer portion, by having you go through 9 of the 15 multiplayer maps in its nine missions.

The competitive multiplayer mode contains five different game modes all of which are pretty standard to multiplayer shooters. They include: Attrition, a basic deathmatch mode where teams earn points for every kill and first team to score limit wins the match; Last Titan Standing is exactly what it sounds like, everyone starts in a Titan with the objective of eliminating every Titan from the opposing team; Hardpoint is a domination mode where teams vie for control of three points on the map with the team taking control earning points towards victory; Capture the Flag is also fairly standard where teams try to capture the enemy flag and return to base; Pilot Hunter is similar to Attrition except that only Pilot kills count towards victory.

Bottom Line

Titanfall uses many of the same features and game play elements found in other multiplayer shooters, but also adds some exciting new features and possibilities that move the genre forward. The fast paced action and freedom of mobility coupled with the two distinct roles of Pilot and Titan make the game extremely fun to play and an early front runner for game of the year awards. It also represents a step away from the cookie cutter Call of Duty / Battlefield multiplayer shooters, such as Call of Duty Ghosts & Battlefield 4, we have grown accustomed to over the past few years.