Tips for 'Titanfall 2' That'll Make You A Master Pilot

Respawn Entertainment's newly released first-person shooter ​'Titanfall 2' is making waves for its tight controls and high-speed maneuverability. This game is a different breed from Battlefield 1 though. "Titanfall 2" centers around much smaller, more tightly focused maps and gameplay, and you'll have to be quick on your toes or be squashed under the heel of a Titan.

These "Titanfall 2" tips will get you prepared for some of the best FPS gameplay available on the market right now. Not only will we teach you how to take on other pilots, you'll also learn how to counter an enemy Titan if you're on foot. Take heed and you'll be a master pilot in no time.

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Use your maneuverability

Titanfall 2

 In "Titanfall 2" your pilot is equipped with a jumpsuit that allows you to perform inhuman feats of acrobatics. As a result, running level on the ground puts you at a major disadvantage when facing other pilots. You're must faster and harder to hit when using your jumpsuit to run along walls or double jumping to incredible heights.

To get started along a wall, you simply have to run towards it and jump and you'll automatically begin running along it. After a few seconds, you'll begin to fall off the wall, but this is where "Titanfall 2's" movement system really comes into play. If you wall run and have another wall in range on the opposite side of which you're running, you can jump over to the other wall and continue wall running. You also pick up speed when doing this maneuver, so your best method of locomotion is running along walls and jumping back and forth between them. You can also use wall running to scale to new heights by using the walls as springboards. 

It can take some getting used to, but wall running is an integral part of being an effective combatant in "Titanfall 2." Not only does it open up new parts of the map for you that you wouldn't be able to reach otherwise, the speed and unpredictability of wall running also make you a much harder target to hit.

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Set up multiple loadouts depending on the situation

Titanfall 2

 In "Titanfall 2" you can set up an abundance of different loadouts for both your Titan and your pilot. Typically matches in the majority of the game modes follow a set pattern, with combat starting as only pilot vs. pilot. As the match progresses, players will fill their Titan meters and then the giant mecha will start raining down over the map. 

This means you need to strike a balance with your loadouts. You need to definitely remain anti-pilot with your pilot's loadout, but you'll also want to make sure you can damage a Titan if it corners you. With your Titan loadout, you'll want to make sure you can duke it out with other Titans while making sure pilots don't board your Titan and destroy it. It's essential to keep combat with both pilots and Titans in mind when choosing your loadout, and once you get used to each map you'll want to customize ​loadouts for the style of combat in each area as well.

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Play according to your game mode

Titanfall 2

Each game mode in "Titanfall 2" has its own peculiar objectives, and you'll need to adjust accordingly. A single playstyle won't make you universally good at the game, so you'll need to make decisions that make you effective at your goals. 

In capture the flag, you'll want to build a loadout that emphasizes speed and maneuverability so you can either capture the enemies flag or catch up with the enemy and take them out before they can capture yours. The same goes for Last Titan Standing, because even if your Titan is eliminated, you can use your speed and maneuverability to get vital batteries to the Titans of your remaining teammates.

For free-for-all, you'll typically want a loadout that excels in eliminating enemy pilots as quickly as possible so you don't get caught in a crossfire. Attrition mode is similar, but with enemy AI prowling about, you may want to add a cloak to your equipment so enemy Grunts taking potshots don't give your position away. 

Though you'll probably choose one or two game modes as your favorite and stick with them most of the time, playing all of them will end up making you a more well-rounded player. Luckily there's plenty of slots for loadouts, so you'll have more than enough room to customize one for each game mode.

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Each weapon has its own peculiarities

Titanfall 2

 At first glance, many of the weapons in "Titanfall 2" seem similar, so you may not care whether you're using an L-STAR or an X-55 Devotion. However, as you play more and more, you'll realize that the L-STAR doesn't need to be reloaded but has the risk of overheating, and the X-55 Devotion starts at a low fire rate, but gradually ramps up its fire to one of the fastest firing in the game.

This is especially important with grenades. While a well-timed Frag Grenade can take a group of enemy pilots out and can be cooked to explode on impact, it does hardly anything to Titans. Arc Grenades blind Titans and stun pilots, but don't do any lasting damage. You want to make sure that you're not carrying ineffective weapons, and experiment with them to make sure you're not spending time leveling a gun that you don't really like.

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Play the campaign

Titanfall 2

Unlike the original, "Titanfall 2" has a great single-player campaign. As you go through the campaign, you'll encounter all the weapons and equipment that can be used in multiplayer, so it's a great opportunity to use them in a less competitive environment before you give multiplayer a whirl.

Especially of concern is the Titan loadouts you'll get to use in the campaign. While pilot weaponry differs greatly, while playing as a pilot you'll still use the same controls and have much of the same abilities. With Titan's though, different loadouts can lead to very different controls and capabilities. Some Titan loadouts excel as close-range or defensive combat, while others are long-range and purely offensive. Getting used to using these loadouts takes time, and the best place to do it is in the single-player campaign where you'll have plenty of AI controlled Titans to fight.

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Don't be afraid of enemy Titans

Titanfall 2

 In multiplayer, if you're playing as a pilot it's easy to be intimidated by the size and ferocity of an enemy Titan. This is with good reason, a Titan can practically one-hit kill a pilot and your pilot weaponry won't be near a match of a Titan's. 

However, even as a pilot, you can fell a Titan. If you use an MGL in your loadout, the magnetic grenades will seek towards a Titan just as long as you aim in its direction. This cuts your need for precision to almost zero, while you as a much smaller target can run circles around the Titan and duck in cover while pounding it with grenades.

If you're able to get in close enough, you can also climb aboard an enemy Titan. If successful you'll be able to remove its battery, which will weaken it. If you get a second successful board, you can toss a grenade in and instantly destroy it. Take heed, though, one of the Titan perks causes a Titan to explode in a nuclear fire when it's destroyed, so if you've boarded it, you'll die too.

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Be aware of your visual footprint

Titanfall 2

Remaining hidden and highlighting others is a big part of staying alive in "Titanfall 2." Normally pilots are highlighted when they're in your vision, making them easy to track and kill. There are abilities though that will help track pilots outside of your direct eyesight and some that will help you stay hidden, even in plain sight.

One of the items available in your pilot's loadout is the Pulse Blade. This throwing knife sends out sonar pulses that will lead you to enemies in the range of its effect. The downside to this though is that the Pulse Blade also reveals your location and that of your friends. The opposite of the Pulse Blade is the Cloaking Device. This item gives you a brief period of invisibility, which allows you to either retreat from enemies trying to take you out or get the drop on someone you're tracking. 

The cloak also has a weakness, though, if you're double jumping while cloaked, you'll leave an exhaust trail and enemies can use it to track you. Also firing automatically decloaks you, so you have to wait for the perfect time to fire.

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Your Titan is your partner

Titanfall 2

When you call down your Titan, there're several choices you can make. You can board the Titan and take control of it manually, or you can let it act on its own as either a combat partner or a distraction so you can take out an enemy on foot.

Keep it in mind that all these are valid choices, and at some point, they'll all be effective. Your Titan is your partner and it's there for you to help make you the most effective combat unit you can be.

Stay frosty!

Use these tips and you are sure to improve your multiplayer game. Titanfall 2 is a very different game from the recent Battlefield 1 and if you're coming from that game, make sure to switch your mind towards a more maneuverable set. Happy hunting, pilot!