6 Tips to Submit Mobile Apps for Review

Mobile app development is a highly complex, time-consuming process. It is then another struggle to get your app approved by app stores, each of which has its own pros and cons. While it is a great feeling to get app store approval, the next step is more critical; giving your app the required exposure in the app store.

How do you go about doing this? The best way is to submit your app for review. Competition is high everywhere and it is important that you create a great pitch if you want to get impressive reviews for your app.

Include All Necessary Information

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Provide all the necessary information on your app before submitting the same for review. Supply reviewers all the basic information such as app name, description, features, company name, your contact information and also link to the app store page.

No matter how great your app may be or how engaging, no one is going to go hunting for it online. An app that does not fulfill this condition will most likely get ignored by reviewers.​

Description is the Key

A winning app description is a great pitch in itself. Be precise with your app description. Your prospecting letter should clearly mention the segment to which your app belongs (for instance, “games”) and state what it is that makes your app interesting or unique.

It is better to chart out points in bullets rather than ramble away. Keep it simple and do not try unnecessary gimmicks.

Promotion Code

Make sure to supply publishers with a promotion code so that they get a hands-on with your app right away. Doing this might require you to be more selective with the app review sites you choose, but it's worth the extra effort, as it will also bring your app more mentions.

Create an App Video

Create a video of your app, showing visitors all that your app can accomplish. This is a great tool which helps reviewers get the complete feel of your app along with the UI, the graphics, sounds, and so on. Make this video short and as entertaining as possible.

Sometimes, app reviewers prefer to take a look at an app video instead of actually downloading and testing it. See to it that your app video is clear and has good audio quality as well.

Create an App Website

Create a nice website for your app, if possible. Include all your app information therein, along with photos and videos of the same. This gives it all a very professional touch, providing the app reviewer the impression that you are serious about your work.

Take Your Time

Take your time to present your app in the best possible way. Don't be in a hurry to complete the process and get as many reviews as possible, because you will never get good enough reviews this way.

Polish up your app well and present it beautifully to publishers, so that they are encouraged to go ahead and try it. This will also increase the chances of them giving your app better, more positive reviews.

In Conclusion

The more reviews your app gets, the better the chances of it faring well in the app marketplace. Though submitting your app for review does take that bit of extra trouble on your part, it is well worth it, as it gives your app much more exposure in the mobile market.