6 Tips to Play Six! Better

The Art of Falling Gracefully

Six! is a game of gravity, physics, and geometry. If this is starting to sound like a math class, don't worry — the only instruction we're looking to give is how to not fall down. Or, more to the point, how to fall down better.

Players in Six! need to guide a six-sided shape (a hexagon to you nerds out there) by removing the blocks below it. These blocks come in a variety of shapes, and removing the wrong one can push your hexagon off the edge, or even topple the entire tower.

Our Six! tips, tricks, and strategies will help you keep your six-sided friend in play for as long as possible.

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Stick With the Middle

Six! Tips Down the Middle

If you're looking to take your hexagon as low as it can go, you'll need to avoid losing control — and we're not just talking about accidentally toppling your tower. If you remove pieces willy nilly, it's all too likely you'll send your hex careening off the side into a seemingly endless digital vortex. And that will bring your game to an end real quick.

The best way to combat this? Remove pieces that will keep your hex as close to the middle of the block tower as possible. If you remove a piece and it pushes your hex nearer an edge, make your next move one that prioritizes moving back to the center of the screen.

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Clear Before You Fall

Six! Tips Clear First

When you play a game like Six!, there's going to be a natural instinct to clear whatever shape is immediately blocking the path below. Ignore it. Your instinct, in this particular case, is going to ruin all of your fun.

Removing a piece directly below you will force your hex to fall -- possibly into a less than ideal situation. Scan the playing field before you do this, and identify pieces that you can remove without upsetting the tower. While most blocks act as keystones, you should be able to identify a number of them that can be removed without affecting the stability of the tower. Clear those first.

Now when your hex falls, there will be fewer pieces in play that might cause the tower to topple or nudge your hex over the edge.

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Land Flat

Six! Tips Land Flat

If you want a chance to survive, the best way to do that is by landing on your feet. Having a flat side of your hexagon lie flat on the top of a block is a good way to remain steady. This should be considered your default position, and your goal is to always get back to it. 

If you're off-kilter, figure out which pieces you need to remove to straighten things out. 

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Clear Whole Rows

Six! Tips Clear Together

You'll frequently run into situations where, if you remove any one piece, you're going to trigger an end game. Don't panic — there's a way out of it. Just remove more than one piece.

So long as you tap quickly, you can remove multiple pieces to clear a path for your hex to land safely below. Study the situation first, and decide which pieces to tap in which order. Use more than one finger if you have to. If you can chain together block removals fast enough, your hex should fall straight and land flat more often than not.

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Level Up

Six! Tips Level Challenges

They always say that practice makes perfect, and that's just as true with Six! as it is with anything else. If you need to improve your play, steer clear of the main mode and choose the "Challenge" option from the main menu. It may sound daunting, but don't be scared -- this is where you're going to have a chance to improve your play in the best way possible.

The main mode in Six! is randomly generated and endless, so while you might be able to develop some general strategies while playing it, you're always having something new thrown at you to adjust to. That's not an environment that's conducive to learning.

On the other hand, visiting "Challenges" opens up a world of fixed levels to participate in. That means you can try a puzzle, learn from your mistakes, and try again until you have it mastered. The tricks you learn here will hone your overall skills, so practice, practice, practice.

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Go Slow

Six! Tips Slow Down

 Many quick-play games on mobile devices emphasize the "quick" aspect. Six! isn't like that, so get that thought out of your head right now. You can be patient. Look at the structure in front of you, and take the time needed to calculate the effects of each move before you make them.

Unless, of course, you've made a mistake. Then everything's tumbling down and It's time to panic! Click everything!

(That last part probably isn't the best advice).