Tips for Using YouTube Groups

No replacement yet for discontinued YouTube groups

YouTube Groups was a feature that gave YouTube users a place to come together and share videos and discussions about common interests. 

If you want to communicate with a YouTube user, enter the user's name in the YouTube search field. Click the linked name under any of the user's videos to go to that person's channel. You may find the contact information under the About tab there.

The YouTube Groups feature has been discontinued for several years and hasn't yet been replaced with a similar feature. The following is for archive purposes only.

What Are YouTube Groups?

YouTube groups are public or private communities within YouTube for like-minded users to share videos and discuss particular topics.

How Do I Sign Up for YouTube Groups?

With a YouTube account, you can join any YouTube group that is open to the public.

How Do I Find YouTube Groups?

There is no easy way to search for YouTube groups.  The easiest way to find YouTube groups is to look for channels and YouTube users who share your interests, and then see which groups they are part of.

How Do I Create a YouTube Group

It's easy to create a YouTube group, if you know where to go.

Why Am I Having Trouble With YouTube Groups?

YouTube hasn't offered support for groups since at least summer 2010.  

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