Tips for Unique Nature Photos

Outdoor Landscape Photos Don't All Have to Look the Same

Travelpix Ltd / Getty Images

Nature photos are popular choices of images for photographers, regardless of their experience levels. The ability to capture that great looking scene so that you and others can enjoy it by looking at the photograph later is simply irresistible.

If you aren’t careful, though, all of your nature photos can start to look the same. While you want to preserve the overall look of the nature scene, you also want to make sure that your current photo of a meadow or wildflowers are different from the ones you shot last week.

Use some of these tips to help you create unique nature photos.

  1. Find a subtle object for the focal point. Look for some subtle objects inside your nature photos. For example, one flower in a field of green can become a focal point for your image, as long as it’s properly placed inside the frame, giving a nature photo a vastly different look from a nature photo without the flower. Or the tree in the foreground in the photo included here works as a focal point.
  2. Look for interesting patterns. When photographing animals, keep an eye on the subtle differences in the animal’s markings. You may find some animals have the kind of stripes or fur patterns that fit a particular background especially well or that just look interesting. If you have a choice of several animals to photograph, be picky about which ones you focus on.
  3. Take advantage of odd lighting in the scene. Different types of lighting in a scene can give you that unique look you want. Consider emphasizing a long shadow of a tree or other object as part of your nature photo. Change the angle at which you’re shooting the nature scene to change the way the light affects the photo. Try using a flash, even in daylight, to give a nearby subject a different look.
  1. Take advantage of different seasons. The same meadow or forest will look completely different in summer than winter. Shoot your nature photos at different times of the year, and you'll have the ability to create some unique looks.
  2. Wait for the right lighting. As the sun moves across the sky, the overall of the look of your nature scene will change quite a bit. You may be able to create a unique-looking photo just by waiting for the right type of lighting in the scene.
  1. Take some time to study the scene thoroughly. It’s much easier to create a unique nature photo when you’ve studied the subject or scene inside and out. By spending some time studying the subject before you shoot a series of photos, you’ll know what’s “normal” for the scene or subject, hopefully giving you the ability to find those unique details that you want for this type of photo.
  2. Walk around the area. Once you arrive at the area where you want to shoot your nature photo, try a lot of different angles. Shoot a few photos in one spot, and then walk to a new spot that provides a different perspective. If you have the time try several different spots. You’ll be amazed at how much a slight change in perspective will change the look of your nature photo. Once you’ve shot a few test photos at several locations, review your images and see which location provided the perspective you liked the most. Then set up and shoot more photos from there.
  3. Remember to stay safe. While hiking around and looking for that unique landscape photo, don’t put yourself in danger of a fall. Make sure you’re watching the terrain and your surroundings so you don’t injure yourself while trying to find that great vantage point
  1. Use the crop tool in your image editing software. During the image editing process, take some time to closely look through the entire photograph, looking for any interesting details you may not have seen while originally shooting the photograph. You then may be able to crop the photo or use editing tools to emphasize that area of the photo, giving you an end result with your photo that you perhaps weren’t expecting.