18 Tips for Sharing and Collaborating in Microsoft OneNote

Become a pro at OneNote collaboration

A lot of people use Microsoft OneNote for taking notes, but did you know it has tons of ways for you to share and collaborate on those notes with others?

Run through this quick slideshow to see if OneNote for desktop, web, or mobile can become even more powerful productivity tools for you and your team or community.

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Collaborate in Real-Time in Microsoft OneNote

Showing authors for a OneNote page

Real-time collaboration means more than one person can be editing the same document at the same time, and the online version of Microsoft OneNote allows you to do this with notes.

Edits should show up immediately, though some syncing delays have been reported by some users. 

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Share OneNote Notebooks Privately Through a Document Link

Getting a OneNote sharing link

Share OneNote files as private links you send to specific recipients, who do not need to own OneNote to view your files. 

Select File > ShareGet a Sharing Link. You will be able to specify whether those you share with can edit or only view your work. 

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Disabling notebook sharing

Once you have shared a Microsoft OneNote link, you can rescind it by disabling the link.

To do so in the desktop version, for example, select Share > Get a Sharing Link > Disable.

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Man on Laptop working wirelessly

Laptop/Tetra Images/GettyImages

Share OneNote notes from one Bluetooth-enabled device to another. On an Android tablet, select Share > Bluetooth.  

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OneNote Links

You can also have OneNote just share an email notification with recipients you would like to share them with. That way, you don't have to send the link yourself. It's included in the email notification. 

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Share OneNote Notes to Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+

Hands typing on laptop

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Share OneNote notes to Google Drive, Google's cloud environment for Gmail, Google Docs, Google+, and more. 

Depending on your mobile device, you should see this as an option under Share.

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Sharing options in OneNote

Share OneNote notes from one Wi-Fi-enabled device to another. On anAndroid tablet, it is found under Share > Wi-Fi Direct.  

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Share OneNote to LinkedIn

You can share OneNote notes with your LinkedIn social network for professionals.

Click the Share in the upper right for mobile or select File > Account > Add a Service > Sharing > LinkedIn in the desktop version. 

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Share OneNote to YouTube

Share OneNote notes to YouTube, an online video site you may be interested in sharing to. 

Do this by selecting File > Account > Add a Service >  Images & Videos > YouTube.


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Share OneNote to Facebook

Share OneNote notes socially to Facebook

Options vary by device but we were able to select File > Account > Add a Service > Sharing > Facebook in the desktop version. In other versions, look for this under the Share option in the upper right.

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Share OneNote to Flickr

Share OneNote notes to Flickr, an online image gallery site you may use. Do this by selecting File > Account > Add a ServiceImages & Videos > Flickr.

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Share OneNote to Twitter

Share OneNote notes socially to Twitter.

For example, select File > Account > Add a Service > Sharing > Facebook in the desktop version. In other versions, find this under the Share option in the upper right.

Notice, however, how long these shareable links are. Since Twitter limits your characters, you may want to send that through a service such as TinyURL before hitting Post.  

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You don't have to commit to one note program. Here's how to share your Evernote notes to Microsoft OneNote. On an Android tablet, you can do this by selecting Share > OneNote. You may need to sign in to your Microsoft Account before the file is shared.

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Google Keep Note Taking Application

Share OneNote to Google Keep, another popular online note-taking tool. On an Android tablet, select Share > Google Keep.

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Set Up Meetings in Outlook Right From OneNote

Updating Microsoft Outlook Meeting Details from OneNote

You can easily organize and run meetings right from OneNote, by sending a note page or shared notebook with the agenda, for example, to recipients via Outlook. 

The advantage is, as the creator of the meeting, you are updated on all changes to the documents but also meeting changes will be updated in OneNote as well.

During the meeting, you can assign tasks and reminders that will show up in OneNote and Outlook.

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Share Microsoft OneNote Notes to Online Meetings and Microsoft Lync

Share OneNote Notes with an Online Meeting

If you conduct meetings online via Microsoft Lync, you can share your OneNote notes by selecting File > Share > Share with Meeting.

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Share Microsoft OneNote Notes to Microsoft SharePoint

Share OneNote Notes to SharePoint

You can share your OneNote notes to SharePoint in the desktop version, but you need to first add it as a service. Go to Account > Add a Service > Storage > SharePoint

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Share Evernote notes to a cloud storage account you may already be using: Dropbox

From the Share menu, simply scroll and select Dropbox. You may be asked to login to your account. 

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