10 Tips For Getting The Most Out of Your Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch is about to get a lot cooler

The Apple Watch is one of the most popular wearables out there, and it's easy to see why. If you own an Apple Watch, then chances are you've already figured out how to handle its main functions such as answering calls, responding to text messages, and tracking your movement. Beyond those basics; however, the Apple Watch has a number of other interesting features baked in that can really take your Apple Watch experience to the next level. Here are a few of our favorite Apple Watch features that you might not realize were even there:

Have Your Apple Watch Find Your Lost iPhone

It happens to all of us. You're running around the house getting ready when suddenly you discover you have no idea where you put your iPhone. Perhaps you relied on the old "call yourself" method for retrieval, which certainly works, but your Apple Watch can make things a lot easier. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the Control Center. Look for the word Connected (at the top of the screen) to make sure your iPhone is connected. At the bottom of that page, you'll see an image of an iPhone with some parenthesis beside it. Tap on that and your iPhone will gently ding, helping you discover exactly where it might be in your home (or pocket).

Tell It to Leave You Alone in Meetings 

On that same page is a Do Not Disturb button (looks like a crescent moon) that is oh so useful in meetings or when you're heading out on a hot date. While it's nice having all your notifications come to my wrist, when you're involved in a conversation with someone (whether in the office or on said date), then you'd rather not have every single notification and text show up so the person you're chatting with can see it. With Do Not Disturb you can make it so nothing shows up for a little while. (Just remember to turn it back on when you're alone again.)

Use Siri as a Timer

Sure, you know Siri is there, but do you use her? One of the most useful things Siri is good for is setting alarms, especially when you're doing tasks such as cooking. Rather than setting a kitchen timer to tell you when your brownies will be done, ask Siri to let you know instead.

Make That Text a Little Bigger

We're all getting older. If you've gotten to a point where seeing the text on the Apple Watch is a bit difficult for you, you can customize the text size to make it easier to read. To do so, go into the Settings menu on your Apple Watch and then select Text Size. From there you'll be able to adjust it to whatever size feels most comfortable for your eyes.

Get That Perfect Selfie

Using the timer for iPhone photos is great, but sometimes framing the shot up beforehand doesn't quite mean you'll have it framed exactly how you want. With the camera app on the Apple Watch you can use your watch as a remote viewfinder, and see exactly what your camera sees. From there, you can have everyone move a little to the left, or have Bob take off that silly hat, before snapping the shutter yourself or starting the timer remotely. It's a small thing, but it can make taking pictures that you're in much easier.

Convince Yourself You're Running Late so You're Right on Time

If you're notoriously late to meetings or get-togethers, one thing you might not realize you can do with the Apple Watch is to convince yourself it's actually later than it is. Go into the Settings menu, and then select Time. From there, you can add a few minutes to the existing displayed time, essentially moving the time forward a bit so you get moving a little faster. That five minutes of padding might not seem like a big deal, but once you forget you've set the clock forward, those who are always 5 minutes late can start showing up right on time. 

Turn Bae (Or Any Other Photos) Into a Watch Face

Not mesmerized by the Apple Watch's built-in wallpaper? You can actually make any image stored on your iPhone into a watch face. To make the magic happen, just go to Photos and then Camera Roll on your iPhone. Find the image you like in your library and favorite it (do that by touching and highlighting the tiny heart at the bottom). Now on your Apple Watch go to watch face menu (get there by pressing and holding on the screen), and scroll through the options until you see Photo Album. That will turn your favorites album into a rotating watch face that displays those images.

Get Rid of Apps You Don't Use

We're all pretty gung-ho about trying out new Apple Watch apps, but what about the ones that you install and then realize you have no use for? You can remove apps from your Apple Watch in pretty much the same way you remove apps from your iPhone. To do so, simply press and hold on the app icon on the screen. Just like on your phone, a tiny X will appear on the corner of the app icon. tap on that, and the app will be hidden from your Apple Watch display and you'll have a much tidier device.

Write Your Own Text Message Responses

If you don't send a lot of canned responses, the text messaging feature on the Apple Watch probably isn't one you'll use a ton. However, one nice feature is the ability to add your own preset messages. To create your own custom messages just go into the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, tap Messages, and then Default replies. From there, you can add whatever messages you tend to send often and they'll be accessible right from your wrist.

Put Someone on Hold

This one doesn't work for very long, but can come in handy when you see a call coming through on your Apple Watch and you don't want to answer it there, but are also far away from your phone. When a call comes in, turn the digital crown. There you'll see an option to "Answer on iPhone." When you select it, the caller will hear a repeated sound, giving you time to go grab your phone and really answer. It can be a great way to buy yourself an extra few moments to find your phone or go grab it off the charger and move to a more private spot for a chat.