11 Tips and Tricks for the Surface Pro 7

Everyone should know about these Microsoft Surface Pro 7 tweaks and features

This article explores all of the best Surface Pro 7 tips and tricks worth trying for new and long-time owners of the Windows 10 two-in-one device. This collection of Surface Pro tips will help you become more productive with your device, will make it easier to use, and may even reveal some extra Surface Pro 7 functionality you didn’t even know existed until now.

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Connect a Surface Pro 7 to a Monitor

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 USB port for connecting to a monitor.

One Surface trick that is a complete game-changer for new users is connecting the Surface Pro 7 to a monitor. This functionality allows you to use your Surface Pro 7 to run all of your programs and apps as usual but lets you view all of the content on a much larger screen. It's great if you think the Surface Pro 7 screen is too small or you find yourself needing to use a monitor placed higher due to neck or back pain.

Connecting a Surface Pro 7 to a monitor can be done using the USB-C port and a compatible cable. You can also connect to multiple monitors by implementing the Surface Dock accessory.

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Wirelessly Stream a Surface Pro 7 to a TV

Connecting a Surface Pro 7 to a smart TV in Windows 10.

In addition to viewing your Surface Pro 7 content on a computer monitor with a cable, you can also wirelessly project your screen to your television using the built-in wireless support on both your Surface and TV.

Projecting your desktop or apps to your TV is one of the coolest Surface Pro 7 tips and tricks as it makes sharing photos and videos with friends and family so much easier.

Have an old TV with no wireless support? You can stream content from your Surface Pro 7 to a connected Xbox console such as an Xbox One, Xbox Series S, or Xbox Series X.

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Use These Surface Pro Screenshot Tips

A woman taking a screenshot on a Surface Pro.


Ever been using your Surface Pro 7 and wanted to share something with a contact? You can take a screenshot on a Surface Pro of whatever’s on your screen, crop and edit it, and send it to someone else via email, a DM, and a variety of other services. There are a few different ways to do this.

In addition to the classic PrtScn key method, you can also take screenshots on your Surface Pro 7 using the built-in Snip & Sketch app, a variety of keyboard shortcuts, or even the Xbox Game Bar.

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Activate Metered Connection Settings When Traveling

A woman carrying her Microsoft Surface Pro 7 at an airport.


Some of the many Surface Pro 7 tweaks worth making after setting up your new device are those relating to Windows 10’s metered connection feature. These settings allow you to adjust what kind of data your Surface Pro 7 uses when connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network with download and upload limits, so you don’t receive any extra fees for going over your data plan’s limits.

You can turn on and off the Surface Pro 7’s metered connection settings as often as you like, and you can also customize when apps and services are affected by this feature.

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Connect a Surface Pro 7 to Another Computer

A Surface Pro 7 and a Surface Studio connecting to each other.


Need to send a file from your Surface Pro 7 to someone else? There are quite a few Surface tricks for connecting to other computers that are a far cry from the cumbersome and time-consuming computer networking strategies of yesteryear.

Surface Pro 7 owners can now connect to other computers via Windows 10’s built-in Nearby Sharing and Network Sharing features. There are even cloud storage and social media messaging app options for sending files from one device to another worth checking out.

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View iPhone and Android Content on Your Surface Pro 7

Drawing of a Windows 10 laptop connecting to an iPhone with the My Phone app.


Did you know you can view your smartphone's contents on your Microsoft Surface Pro and even manage how some apps and files work? These popular Surface Pro 7 tips and tricks for connecting your phone to your Surface cover all of the official methods for pulling this off, such as the Windows 10 Your Phone app, and also explore screencasting and third-party app options.

If you struggle to read small text on your iPhone or Android smartphone and often find yourself wondering how to project content to a larger screen for easier viewing, connecting your phone to your Surface Pro 7 could be just the solution.

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Download Apps, Movies, and TV Shows From the Microsoft Store

Windows 10 Microsoft Store app store,

If you’re used to downloading programs and files from websites, you may not know Windows 10 now has an integrated app store built right into the operating system on all Surface devices.

The Microsoft Store works much like similar digital storefronts on smartphones and tablets. It lets you download and update apps, buy video games and movies, and even purchase physical hardware and accessories which can be shipped to your home directly from Microsoft.

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Install Google Drive on Your Surface Pro 7

Google Drive apps on Surface Pro 7, iPhone, and smartphone.


Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud service likely came preinstalled on your Surface Pro 7. While OneDrive is a reliable cloud storage service, one of the best Surface Pro tips is downloading and using third-party, non-Microsoft, apps and services in conjunction with, or instead of, the default ones.

Adding Google Drive to Surface Pro 7 is an excellent way to backup files and collaborate on projects. If your OneDrive storage space is full, using Google Drive can be a solid way to give yourself more room.

You can also use other cloud services such as Dropbox if you need even more cloud storage.

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Add Multiple Users to Your Surface Pro 7

Photo of a Windows user's profile image on a Surface Pro.


One of the more helpful Surface tricks for dealing with multiple people sharing one device is to add unique Windows user profiles for each person. Once created, the admin can control what apps and tools each user can access. The admin can even make child profiles, limiting which websites they can visit and which apps they can open.

Switching user profiles on your Surface Pro 7 is also very easy and can be done with just a few clicks.

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Play Xbox Video Games on Your Surface Pro 7

Windows 10 Xbox app on Surface Pro 7.

You may be surprised to learn your Surface Pro 7 (in addition to being a Windows 10 PC and tablet) is a portable Xbox video game console. It gives you full access to a growing library of Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox-branded Windows video games.

Your Microsoft account also doubles as an Xbox account which you can use on Xbox consoles and with the Xbox and Microsoft Store apps on your Surface Pro 7.

Here are some of the ways you can "Xbox" on your Surface Pro 7.

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How to Turn On, Shut Down, and Restart Your Surface Pro 7

A woman holding a Surface Pro 7 after using Shutdown to turn it off.


Lifewire is here when it comes to the questions you wanted to know but were afraid to ask:

While simply closing your Surface Pro 7 or quickly tapping its power button will automatically place it on standby via Windows 10’s Sleep Mode, you will need to power it down completely and restart it eventually.

Shutting down your Surface Pro 7 will often be required when passing through security at an airport while traveling. Performing a Shut Down will completely power down the device and turn off all of its wireless connectivity, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. You may also want to turn off your Surface Pro 7 if you’re not planning on using it for a while to preserve its battery.

  • Does it matter what stylus you use for Surface Pro 7?

    Many quality styluses are compatible with the Surface Pro 7. However, Microsoft recommends using a Surface Pen, Surface Slim Pen, or Microsoft Classroom Pen.

  • How do you connect a Surface Pen to Surface Pro 7?

    A Surface Pen uses Bluetooth to pair with a Surface Pro 7. Go to Start > Settings > Devices > Add Bluetooth or other device > Bluetooth. Press and hold the top button on the pen until the LED flashes white, and then select the pen in the Surface device list to pair it.

  • Can you connect AirPods to a Surface Pro 7?

    You can connect AirPods to a Surface Pro using Bluetooth. Go to Settings > Devices > Add Bluetooth & other devices > Bluetooth. Then, open the AirPods case, select its name from the device list on your Surface, and press the sync button on the AirPods case until the sync process is complete.

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