Tinder to Make ID Verification Available to All

Striving to make the app a safer place

Tinder has announced that it will make its ID Verification feature available to all its members around the world.

The announcement was made in a press release on Tinder’s Newsroom blog, where it revealed the feature and said it will be arriving “in the coming quarters.” According to TechCrunch, ID verification allows users to verify identities by uploading documentation like a driver’s license or passport.

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Tinder uses ID verification to cross-reference user data with sex offender registries, if that information is accessible. According to the app’s terms of use, users cannot have been convicted or “pled no contest to a felony [or] sex crime]…” and be registered as a sex offender.

Tinder has made continuous efforts to increase the safety of its users and ensure them that the person they are talking to is legitimate.

The feature is currently voluntary, except in places where the verification is mandated by law, such as Japan, where the feature rolled out in 2019. The company said that it will accept expert consultation and community feedback as it strives to make the feature better and ensure the app is inclusive and “privacy-friendly.”

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ID verification will be free to all users, and the type of ID required will be determined by location. The app already has implemented Photo Verification for users to indicate matches they are talking to the actual person using a blue check icon located on the profile.

TechCrunch said that ID verification will result in an icon signifying verification to others.

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