7 Tinder-Like Apps for Almost Anything

Find Matches for Absolutely Anything, Right in Your Area

Tinder is the widely popular dating app that lets people judge potential matches in their geographical area by their looks and a very brief bio. All you have to do is swipe left on a match you're not interested in, or swipe right on a match you like.

It may be a shallow and ineffective way to meet a new partner, but if there's anything that Tinder did right, it's definitely the GPS-driven matchmaking and simplistic "yes" or "no" gesture-based interaction that the entire app revolves around. Other developers have taken inspiration from Tinder's iconic approach to find matches, and now there are Tinder-like apps for almost anything your heart desires.

Tinder Apps
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There are a lot of dating sites and apps out there, but what if all you're really looking for is some quality cuddling time? Spoonr is an app that connects you with people in your area who are open to meeting up to cuddle. Yep, that's all that it's used for, and it actually exists as a real app you can download, with users just waiting to be matched up to you. Is it weird? Is it normal? Is it really worth trying? You be the one to decide! More »

If a traditional relationship or casual cuddling isn't the exciting type of match that you're looking for, well, there's Feeld -- basically Tinder for threesomes. The app connects you with "open-minded couples and singles with awesome desires and lifestyles" in your area. When you find a match, swipe up. There's even a premium version offered as an upgrade. More »

Are you looking for a furry canine companion instead of a human one? Then BarkBuddy app is almost exactly like Tinder -- but for dogs that need adopting. BarkBuddy "connects you with cute pups that need a home." Once you've found an adorable dog you'd love to bring home, you can get in contact with the rescuer or shelter right through the app. More »

Need a new job? Blonk is a Tinder-like app that connects you with employers who put out job listings in your area. The app even lets you build a profile and list skills so the most relevant jobs can be matched to you. When you find a job that interests you, tap "yes" to let the employer know, and if they like what you've got to offer, they may initiate a chat through the app to get in contact with you. More »

Despite there being tons of options out there to stream music, discovering new music still isn't the easiest thing in the world. SongHop is all about music discovery, and it works by letting you listen to short samples of songs so you can rate them according to your personal taste. The app then uses your best ratings to create a playlist out of them with full-length songs and even Spotify integration. More »

Tinder is a popular choice for young adults looking to meet new people, but what about older, more mature people? Stitch is very similar Tinder but focuses on a different demographic, matching older people who are looking for real companionship at whatever stage in life they may be at. Stitch also matches people based on other details, like personal interests, for more meaningful connections. More »

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KickOn: Tinder for Parties and Events

Do people still even create Facebook events? Now, there's KickOn -- a new app that's like Tinder for big events and afterparties. You can find events happening around you in your area, and send a request for an invite. You can also create your own KickOn event and send out invites to all your friends. You can review all requests, approve only the ones you want and even issue a unique QR code to people invited so you can keep tight control on who gets in.

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