Tinder Adds Option to Block Contacts

Filter out possible matches using their phone number

If you’re tired of people from your contacts list showing up as possible matches on Tinder, you can finally do something about it.

Tinder on Friday announced a new option that lets users block people from their phone contacts. According to The Verge, you can use the feature to block your exes, friends, relatives, work colleagues, or just anyone you don’t want to appear in your matches. If you block someone, they won’t appear for you, and you won’t appear for them.

A bad match on a phone screen on Tinder

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Tinder says you can upload all of your contacts to the app, or add them individually, if you prefer. The company also says that it won’t store all of your contacts. Instead, it only will store those you’ve chosen to block. You also can unshare your contacts at any point or unblock any numbers as you need to. 

Blocked contacts won’t be notified that they have been blocked, though Tinder did note that if someone you want to block signs up using different information, they won’t be blocked using your contact information.

If you block someone, they won’t appear for you, and you won’t appear for them.

With Tinder's over 66 million average monthly active users, it makes sense for users to have a way to block out users they don’t want to see in their possible matches.

Of course, there’s also no way to tell whether or not the person you’re blocking has a Tinder account. Instead, the company says this is more of a preventive option to help users remove the possibility of running into those people they don’t want to see on Tinder.

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