Time Viking!!!!! And Space Raptor Review (Xbox Indie Games)

Ska Studios

From the makers of The Dishwasher and Charlie Murder for XBLA, and Xbox Indie Game darling I Made a Game With Zombies In It, comes another surefire indie hit in Time Viking!!!!! And Space Raptor. This short, simple, and cheap shooter features appealing artwork and a fantastic soundtrack that will keep you coming back for more again and again. Even better, it is only $1. 

Game Details

  • Publisher: Ska Studios
  • Developer: Ska Studios
  • ESRB Rating: N/A
  • Genre: Action
  • Pros: Awesome music; simple and fun gameplay; cheap
  • Cons: Nothing


The concept of Time Viking!!!!! And Space Raptor is pretty simple. You start out as a Viking that is suddenly and inexplicably (seriously, it isn't explained) ripped through time and space to the future where you have to use his lightning powers to kill waves of ninjas and bombs and other baddies as they try to kill you.  In co-op, Player 2 will control Space Raptor, but he's exactly the same as Time Viking with the exception that he is an awesome space raptor.


The game is set up exactly like I Made a Game With Zombies In It in that it is a brief and high-score driven experience where your only objective is to survive until the music stops, which takes a little more than 10 minutes. Just like with "... Zombies In It", the music is awesome and the action steadily ramps up over the course of the game as the music track changes mark switches in enemy types and intensity.

The game is short but remarkably satisfying to play through. Did I mention the music is awesome?

It has to be noted that the game is very, very simple. There is no jumping and not even any levels for that matter. Your battlefield is a narrow platform (made from pieces of the enemies you kill) that grows into the sky into a giant tower of awesome by the end.

You move with the left stick and shoot with the right stick, but it plays more like a vertical shoot-em-up like Galaga than a normal twin-stick shooter like Geometry Wars. Waves of enemies come in, and you shoot up at them to kill them before they hit you. Power-ups to give you different weapons - a shotgun, machine gun, and grenade launcher, but all with lightning instead of bullets - as well as shields and extra lives occasionally drop as well. Like I said, the game is very simple but very entertaining.

Graphics & Sound

The presentation is very appealing. The backgrounds are simple (or non-existent), with enemies providing splashes of color. Some levels (songs) are accompanied with flashing lights, which is a little overwhelming, but those sections don't last very long. The character and enemy designs aren't anything particularly special, but I do like how the Time Viking is colored purple and gold, which makes me happy as a Minnesota Vikings football fan. The music ranges from awesome rock to dubstep, and more. Just like "... Zombies In It", the soundtrack is a large part of the appeal here.

Bottom Line

All in all, Time Viking!!!!! And Space Raptor is an extremely entertaining Xbox Live Indie Game that is priced to move at just $1.

If you like shooters. If you like co-op games. If you like awesome music. Or if you love the concept of Vikings and space raptors shooting stuff for no real reason. Then Time Viking!!!!! And Space Raptor is highly recommended.