How to Use the Tilt-Shift Feature on the OnePlus 9's Camera

Transform your photos into miniatures

What to Know

  • Select Tilt-Shift camera mode, tap to adjust the focal area, and pinch and rotate to change the amount and angle of blur. 
  • Scroll horizontally through the camera modes or swiping up next to the shutter button to get to this mode. 
  • Select the intensity icon and toggle left or right to adjust the percentage of the blur.

This article explains how to use the OnePlus 9 tilt-shift camera feature to create a miniaturizing effect on your subjects. This mode transforms photos into miniatures by blurring the foreground and background and changing the depth perspective.

Learn how to access and activate it.

How to Turn on Tilt-Shift Mode

You have two options for activating the tilt-shift camera mode. Either scroll through the horizontal photo mode menu or bring up the shortcut by swiping up.

  1. From the home screen, select the camera icon on the bottom-right corner.

  2. Swipe through the camera mode options and select Tilt-Shift.

  3. Alternatively, swipe up in the black area next to the shutter button to bring up the camera mode shortcuts. Select Tilt-Shift from the bottom-right corner.

    Navigating to the OnePlus 9's tilt-shift camera mode

How to Take Photographs in Tilt-Shift Mode

Once you’ve decided on your subject and turned on tilt-shift, adjust the scope and intensity of the blurred area.

  1. Tap the screen to set and move the focal point and the surrounding blurred area, which appears as white bars.

    Instead of a dragging motion, move the bars and focal point with taps. Touch the area you want to keep in focus first. You will notice a slight delay after you make your selection.

  2. Use pinching and left and right rotating motions to increase or decrease blur and tilt it.

  3. Select the intensity icon (a ring of dots) and use the scroll wheel to intensify or reduce the percentage of the blur.

  4. Tap the shutter button to take the picture.

    Tilt-shift camera mode in action on the OnePlus 9

Tips for Capturing the Tilt-Shift Miniature Effect

The tilt-shift mode on the OnePlus 9 mimics tilt-shift camera lenses, which are well-known for creating a miniaturizing effect. These lenses tilt and shift to change the area in focus and create a shallow depth perspective. 

The same tools are built right into the OnePlus 9 camera. While it may take some practice, here are a few things to keep in mind to achieve this effect with the OnePlus 9.

Choose the Right Subject

The tilt-shift feature is popular to use for capturing landscapes and cityscapes with a fair amount of detail. You may still find it effective on smaller-scale subjects.

Before and after shot of a city neighborhood using OnePlus tilt-shift mode

Less prominent subjects may not register the mini effect as strongly. Playing around with the angle and blur intensity can help. Consider these before and after shots of already-small items.

OnePlus tilt-shift before-and-after images of plants on a coffee table

Shoot from a High Angle

The higher the angle, the better. Give yourself at least 10 feet from the subject to create the proper perspective on shots of landscapes, buildings, and people. 

While the 1x setting is standard, use the zoom out feature, represented by an icon of three trees, to add depth and distance.

OnePlus tilt-shift camera mode used on interior home shots

Play with Lighting

Use the onscreen exposure feature to brighten or darken areas of your photograph to preserve specific details. Access this tool by selecting the sun icon next to the focal point.

  • How do you tilt-shift in GIMP?

    You can tilt-shift an image in Gimp by adjusting colors, blur, brightness, contrast, and more. Follow our step-by-step instructions to learn the in-depth specifics of this process.

  • Why do tilt-shift photos look like toys?

    Traditionally, tilt-shift imagery changes the position of a camera's lens in relation to the camera's image sensor. The lens is tilted so that it isn't parallel to the sensor. As a result, tilt-shift photos have a 'miniatures effect' that makes the image look like it's of a toy, even if the picture is of a bustling real-life city.

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