Tile Launches a New Anti-Theft Mode So People Can't Steal Your Stuff

Trackers cannot be detected by anyone but the owner

Tile has developed a unique solution to the problem of tracker theft, which is when nefarious individuals track your lost items to scoop them up for themselves. 

The appropriately-named Anti-Theft Mode creates a barrier around activated trackers so they cannot be detected by Tile’s Scan and Secure features. In other words, only the tracker’s owner can detect the lost item and not just anyone with the Tile app. 

Tile Trackers


Additionally, Tile will not notify nearby smartphone users when an unknown tracker is nearby, and the tracker will make no audible noises unless commanded to do so by the original owner. 

How does the tracker recognize the original owner? Before booting up Anti-Theft Mode, you have to register multi-factor identification via an official government ID and confirm biometric data. 

It is important to note that there is a bit of a trade-off here. These trackers work best in an open system where numerous phones work together to scan lost items. In other words, the efficacy will take a slight hit with Anti-Theft Mode activated.  

Tile’s Anti-Theft Mode rolls out starting today, with full availability to all users in the coming weeks. 

To further combat the misuse of Tile trackers and to increase user safety, the company has also announced it is instituting a $1 million fine to anyone convicted in court for using a Tile tracker to follow people without consent. To that end, Anti-Theft Mode users must consent to their information being shared with law enforcement when required. 

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