Tile for Cats Helps You Keep Tabs on Your Indoor Tabby

No more games of "Did they get out or are they hiding?"

Life360's new Tile for Cats accessory kit will help you keep track of your cat when at home, wherever they decide to hide or sleep.

Most indoor cat owners have experienced that moment of uncertainty when it's difficult to tell if their fur baby might've run out the front door or is just snoozing under the couch. Tile for Cats is intended to bypass the semi-frantic search that happens after such occurrences by giving you a way to safely and comfortably attach a Tile tracking sticker to your furry friend.

Tile for Cats collar on orange cat


Each Tile for Cats set comes with a tracking sticker and a silicone collar attachment designed to fit collars (buckled or breakaway) between three-eighths and three-fourths of an inch wide. All you have to do is place the tracking sticker inside the attachment accessory, slide it onto a collar, then put the collar on your cat. Keep in mind this really only is intended for indoor cats, as the tracking sticker's range maxes out at 250 feet (via Bluetooth).

Tile for Cats collar


The tracking sticker and attachment accessory are water-resistant and compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can also use voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google to check on your cat's position hands-free. Your cat can be added to your "Circle" as well (if you're a Life360 member), so you can check on them with the Life360 map. And the sticker itself carries a projected three-year battery life (non-replaceable or removable), meaning you won't have to replace it very often.

Tile for Cats is available now in black and white varieties for $39.99, though be aware that the purchase does not include a collar (just the silicone Cat Accessory and one Tile Sticker). Additional stickers also have to be bought separately in packs of one ($29.99), two ($54.99), or four ($109.98 but currently on sale for $97.99). A Tile Premium subscription is not required.

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