TikTok Trivia Wants to Buy Your Love With $500K in Prizes

The five day, 'John Wick' event kicks off soon

TikTok is ready to host five days of trivia, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes as its proverbial carrot on a stick.

If you're into trivia and like the idea of winning money, TikTok has a way for you to try your hand at both of those things. TikTok Trivia is presented by Lionsgate to promote John Wick Chapter 4, so expect some Wick-related questions—though TikTok states it won't focus entirely on the new Keanu action flick.

TikTok Trivia


TikTok creator James Henry will host the event, which includes questions across numerous subjects like sports, beauty, and music. And, of course, John Wick.

Each trivia session grants participants an opportunity to win part of the $500K prize allocation if they answer everything correctly. Additionally, surprise "Survival Rounds" will occasionally pop up with no question limits, ever-increasing difficulty, and a chance for the winning group to split a $100K pot.

Once each trivia session is over, you can also hang around to receive creator recommendations from TikTok LIVE, and join in on any of their live streams as a way to check them out, find a community you like, or just generally be entertained.

Registration for the event is open today for any US residents that are 18 and older, with TikTok Trivia kicking off on Wednesday, February 22, and wrapping up on Sunday, February 26. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will host two trivia sessions each, from 8 to 9 p.m. ET and again from 9 to 10 p.m. ET.

You'll find more details on TikTok Trivia (and join in) by selecting the trivia widget in your For You feed, searching the #tiktoktriva hashtag, or checking the official TikTok account.

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