Review: Thumb Opinion App for iPhone, Android

Colorful, Exciting and Addictive App Puts Feedback at Your Fingertips

Thumb App for iPhone and Android
Courtesy © 2012 Opinionaided, Inc.

Nothing is more annoying than going to dinner with someone who is more interested in their mobile device, held just out of sight underneath the table. But, when I finally asked my friend what keeping his attention from our otherwise common banter, the answer was simple: Thumb. One week later, his then infraction is now excused.

Perhaps 2012's most entertaining mobile app, Thumb beckons iPhone and Android users to join the community and participate by asking others for advice and opinions, and in return, sharing your own thoughts by voting on the queries of others.

Now running second to only Facebook for time spent on the network per average user, per month according to comScore, Thumb is becoming something of a daily diversion, allowing me to connect with the world, throw in my two cents (and who doesn't love that?), make friends and earn Good Advice stars as I climb the ranks to become a Top Advisor to the global neighborhood of Thumbers.

Simply put: I love to Thumb and you will, too.

Thumb App Pros

  • Free download for iPhone, Android devices
  • Social networking integration with Facebook, Twitter
  • Features Facebook authentication for easy sign in
  • Easy image search for question posts
  • Great instant messaging feature to continue the conversation

Thumb App Cons

  • Conversation ended if a question is closed

Come for the Advice, Stay for the Stars

What started out as a mobile utility app for users to get buying advice at the point of sale has become something of a social game for Thumb users, according to an interview with Dan Kurani, CEO of Opinionaided, Inc., Thumb's parent company.

While people can seek opinions on the app, giving the gift of good advice has become a lucrative investment as people win stars, good towards recognition as a Top Advisor on the Thumb blog.

But, add in the flexibility of the app to share your questions with both the public and people within your own network of Facebook, Twitter and mobile device contacts, and you quickly see the novelty of this app at your disposal.

The app is not for questions you could easily Google for homework, but when you want bonafide reaction and opinions from people. For example, if you think that shirt you're about to buy makes you look svelt, a quick flash of your device's camera and a question on Thumb could prevent you from making a dire mistake. Lime green doesn't look good on most, anyhow.

Maybe you can't decide between the tacos or the enchiladas at the food truck. No sweat. Thumb it!

As a result of the rapid-fire response time as people vote, most people will answer honestly, which can either hurt (as in the case of you in your lime green fiasco) or help (like choosing the tacos, which carry less fat and grease, according to one Thumber).

I absolutely loved how quickly you could post a question and found the embedded photo search feature a real time saver. Rather than close Thumb, open your web browser, Google image search for a photo, download it and then upload into the app, Thumb reduces the step to two: search for the photo and click. Simply beautiful and a great way to find a variety of images to illustrate your question.

Anonymous Chat, But Safer Than the Alternative

For the Chatroulette or Omegle fans of 2011, Thumb even gives you the satisfaction of anonymous chat but with the ability to choose who you chat with before you begin your IM session. While Thumb is not an IM client per se, the ability to engage in guided conversation based on theme has led this reviewer to make a few new friends I many not have otherwise have an opportunity to talk to through other social networking means.

Users create their own profile, complete with photo, biography, and other details. A conversation can only ensue if you include a comment with your thumb or neutral vote, and if the other user chooses to engage in a chat. While you can access the profile of the Thumber who asked the question, the ball is completely in their court if you should try to add them to your buddy list.

As long as you decline to include contact information in your profile, as you should according to standard chat safety tips, your privacy is protected.

The end result is an exciting and safe environment in which people can engage in deeper conversation about their interests without feeling pressured to chat with everyone who comments.

Furthermore, since comments are only seen by the person who asks the questions, Thumb is relatively troll-free. You might receive a forward comment every once in awhile, but I haven't encountered anything like this yet.

Not Intended for Ages 13 and Under

As a final note, while Thumb is accessible and fun for everyone, some of the questions may not be suitable for persons 13 and under. Parental discretion is advised for this and all instant messaging apps and services. I highly recommend a parent or guardian monitor any user within this age range.

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