Thomas Hindmarch

Thomas Hindmarch


Bellevue, WA


Northwest Missouri State University


Video Games and Gaming


  • Thomas has nearly two decades of experience as a games industry journalist.
  • His work has appeared in the UK's Official Xbox Magazine, NGamer,, and more.
  • He was one of the founding editors for Hardcore Gamer.


Thomas has been working in the games industry, as a journalist, critic, and occasional producer, for 17 years. He lives in Bellevue, Washington, after a childhood spent in and around Chicago.

Thomas has written for,, Newsarama, Prima Games, Brady Games, the UK's Official Xbox Magazine, and NGamer, among other publications. He was one of the founding editors for Hardcore Gamer.


Thomas has a B.A. in English from Northwest Missouri State University.

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A Message from Thomas Hindmarch

"I fell backwards into video game writing back in 2002, when it was still in its Wild West period. It's not that much less crazy today, but what's kept me here is the chance to be on the forefront of covering a rapidly evolving medium as it's moved from a niche product to a cultural force to an international juggernaut.

"Also, I like shooting zombies.

"'s mostly the zombie shooting, now that I think about it."

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