This Wireless Speaker Includes a Robust Battery That Can Charge Your Phone

Promises 24 hours of use between power-ups

Tronsmart is back with another portable speaker designed for parties and get-togethers, the Bang SE.

The company makes some bold claims about the battery life on this speaker, saying it can pump out the jams for a full 24 hours before needing a quick power nap at the wall outlet. The battery isn’t just for blasting tunes, however, as this speaker also doubles as a mobile charging unit for your favorite gadgets, with various inputs for phones, tablets, and more. 

Tronsmart Bang SE


The primary draw here, however, is the speaker itself, with 40 watts of output, a pair of 3.10-inch full-range driver units, and a proprietary algorithm to intensify the bass response.

The end result? A loud and crisp sound that should get the party pumping. To that end, these speakers also feature a number of integrated LED lights for an impromptu light show.

Swaying to the beat for 24 continuous hours can lead to some drink spillage, so the Bang SE features an IPX6 water-resistance rating and ships with a built-in handle and removable strap for quick getaways. Tronsmart also says the speaker is resistant to both dust and humidity, making it perfect for your next rock-and-roll mausoleum crawl. 

The Bang SE is available now with an "early bird" price of $55, though that cost rises to $70 once the introductory offer ends. 

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