This Video Doorbell Can Get Power From the Sun, Has Cool Chimes

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Wasserstein has a pair of new accessories for the Blink video doorbell, designed to provide more charging and chime options for the basic doorbell camera.

If you own or have been thinking of purchasing a Blink video doorbell, Wasserstein has a couple of optional enhancements you may want to consider. These new add-ons—a solar charger and wireless chime—claim to improve Blink performance and usability in their own ways, though together, they may cost almost as much as the Blink itself.

Wasserstein Blink Solar Charger


The Wasserstein Solar Charger acts as a mount or dock (compatible with either two- or three-hole backplates) for the Blink video doorbell. It also claims to be weather-resistant, so it can be used with the Blink outside in various conditions. And, of course, it will draw power from sunlight to keep the Blink doorbell charged. Something Wasserstein asserts will reduce the Blink's downtime and the number of battery swaps needed to keep it running.

And if you'd prefer your Blink doorbell to behave more like an analog doorbell (i.e., ringing plays a sound rather than sending push notifications to your devices), there's the Wireless Chime. Once hooked up, the Chime will sound an audible tone that can be heard throughout your house—in addition to those push notifications.

Wasserstein Wireless Doorbell Chime


The tone can also be semi-customized, with seven different sound and LED color options, and can pair with up to five receivers in your living space. Along with the Blink, Wasserstein's Wireless Chime will also work with battery-powered Nest Doorbells, wired 2nd Gen Nests, and the Ring Video Doorbell 3 plus.

The Wasserstein Solar Charger and Wireless Doorbell Chime are available directly through Wasserstein's website or on Amazon. Both require a Blink video doorbell to be of any use. The Solar Charger is currently on sale for $47.99 (normally $57.99) and the Chime is marked down to $36.99 (ordinarily $44.99).

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