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Everyone needs a little help during the holidays. Even for those who plan things out well in advance, it can seem daunting to get all your shopping, cleaning, cooking and traveling done by the time the festivities are set to begin. Your families and friends, the people you’d usually count on for help when getting ready for a big get together, are just as busy with their own holiday prep. So you need to call in reinforcements, and there’s no better holiday helper than Facebook Portal. 

More than any other SmartHome on the market, Facebook Portal has devices that can keep you organized amid the holiday chaos, stay connected with loved ones who couldn’t travel this year and entertain family members of all ages during the season and beyond. So don’t wait until the big day to start enjoying this game-changing SmartHome. You’ll want to take advantage of its features well before everyone starts unwrapping their gifts. 

A Real Connection

There’s no substitute for gathering with your family and friends under the same roof, but for times when external factors make that impossible (we’ve all become very familiar with those in the last couple years) Facebook Portal is uniquely effective in making a video call feel like an IRL hangout. 

Its Smart Camera technology follows you around the room, panning and zooming to make sure you never disappear from the frame. The Smart Sound feature enhances the voice of the person speaking while minimizing background noise, ensuring that the people on the other end of the call will be able to easily follow what’s happening in your home. These features work on whatever video calling system you use and don’t require the person on the other end to be using a portal device.

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Organization Made Easy

Smart Camera and Smart Sound also make it so you don’t have to stop what everyone is doing around the house during a video call. That’s particularly nice when you’re using the Facebook Portal Go, a device that you can move around the house as you’re carrying out your holiday chores. 

Let’s say that you’re busy in the kitchen baking a pie, possibly using an old family recipe. If you forget whether you’re supposed to use refined or brown sugar, you can use the voice command capability—important if you’re in the middle of kneading dough, for instance—to call your mom and ask for clarification. The person on the other end of the video call can watch in real time, following each step without them crowding the kitchen or you fumbling with your phone. Going hands-free with the Facebook Portal leads to a more pleasant holiday cooking experience for all involved. 

Facebook SmartHome Portal Go

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Facebook Portal Go

Endless Entertainment

While the Facebook Portal Go makes it easier than ever to multitask when prepping for the holidays, the Facebook Portal TV is the essential device for when you’re actually entertaining. You can set it up in the living room—or anywhere else you have a tv—and bring everyone into the action, whether they’re in your home or celebrating elsewhere. It connects to all the apps you typically use on a smart tv—Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify and more—but it goes beyond other Smart Homes by allowing you to watch along with others through Facebook Watch, all while streaming in HD quality. That means you can have an interactive movie night with loved ones around the country, continuing yearly traditions by watching your favorite holiday classics. 

That’s why Facebook Portal is such a welcome addition to your holiday routine. Rather than turning the season upside down, it simplifies and improves your usual process. That goes for more recent traditions, like the now ever-present video calls. You can make any call more fun and whimsical by using the AR effects and filters to add a fun new background or mask to the call. 

For all these same reasons, Facebook Portal is an excellent gift for anyone on your list. You’ll be making it easier for them to stay connected for many holiday seasons to come. And the good news is you can get any of the devices from Best Buy. Just be sure to order your Facebook Portal Go and Facebook Portal TV in time for the holidays.

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