This New App Offers Two-Factor Authentication for Shared Accounts

Simplifying the log-in process

Group2FA has just launched an app for two-factor authentication for shared accounts, helping to simplify the login process for apps that require robust authentication.

In other words, you won’t have to constantly hand out one-time passcodes to friends and family whenever they want to use a shared service. The Group2FA App completely reinvents how secure two-factor passcodes are received and distributed. 



Here's how it works: Once everyone in your circle activates the app, it sends out in-app notifications, push notifications, or text messages with one-time passcodes. Everything is done inside Group2FA, and the app itself disseminates the information to the services you and your group use. 

In other words, you will still have to deal with one-time passcodes sent to multiple people, but not in a million different apps with a million different passwords. The primary account holder won't even receive a notification when someone else wants to access the service, as the app handles the heavy lifting. Look at it like a password manager but for two-factor authentication. 

“Our patent-pending Group2FA App is a secure, hassle-free way to ensure that trusted members of a shared account receive login verification codes at the same time—streamlining the Two-Factor Authentication process,” Kevin Goldstein, the Founder of Group2FA, said in the press release.

The app is available now and is free to download but not free to use. There are two subscription plans available. The Basic plan costs $4 per month and services three people simultaneously. The Premium plan costs $6 per month and serves five people at once. Both plans start with a two-week free trial. 

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