This Lumina Tech Desk Has an Embedded Screen and That’s Not All

Wireless charging, built-in timers, and adjustable height, oh my

Webcam company Lumina has posed the question: what if electronic device hub functionality (and more) was just, like, built into your desk?

Lumina may be best known for its 4K webcam, but the company announced that it's branching out in a big way. As in, physically big, because it's working on the Lumina Desk—something that could best be categorized as a "smart desk."

Lumina Desk display


The Lumina Desk's most prominent feature is its always-on built-in ambient digital display, which Lumina also lists as being fingerprint-resistant. Think of it as a digital alternative to having a desk calendar, but it's also more than that because you can use it for task lists, weather, social media feeds, or just about any other available apps.

Lumina Desk


Beyond that, the desk has wireless Qi-charging across two separate 20-inch pads, in addition to six separate power outlets, six USB-C charging ports, and lots of space to hide your device cables.

The aluminum and stainless steel legs can also be adjusted (manually or on a programmed schedule) for a height between 30 and 47-inches. So you can use it as a standard desk, a standing desk, or adjust between the two as needed (or for the sake of your health).

Reservations for the Lumina Desk are open now, with models available for both Windows and Mac-compatible platforms. A release date and final price, however, have not been revealed yet as it's still in the developmental stages.

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