This Incredibly Small and Light VR Headset Still Boasts OLED Displays

Weighs just 6 ounces with a strap

Bigscreen, a company best known for a VR-centric social media app, has developed its own VR headset that they claim is the 'world's smallest.' 

Introducing the Bigscreen Beyond, a minuscule VR headset that stands out in a world of bulky competitors. As you can see from the photo, this is indeed a tiny VR headset, but it is also a light headset, weighing just six ounces with the strap. For comparison, the HTC Vive Flow weighs 6.6 ounces and has long been considered extremely light. 

Bigscreen Beyond


Despite the diminutive size and weight, this is still a capable VR headset that includes a pair of 5K 90Hz OLED displays, pancake optics to eliminate the screen door effect, and six degrees-of-freedom-tracking. This adds up to an impressive 93-degree horizontal field of view.

Bigscreen achieved this feat of engineering by eliminating several ancillary features that typically take up weight and space on a traditional headset. For instance, there are no size adjustment controls on the unit. Rather, you scan your face with an iPhone app, and Bigscreen uses that information to create a headset customized to you. 

Bigscreen Beyond


You also need to buy custom prescription lenses if you wear glasses, as there is no room for traditional eyewear. And there is no headphone jack, so you need to purchase an optional audio strap to plug in headphones. The glasses do ship with a link box to provide video and power from a PC.

To that end, this is a PC-only VR headset, meaning that this is not a standalone device and must be plugged into a PC to work. 

The Bigscreen Beyond is available for preorder right now at $1,000. It ships sometime during the summer. 

Update 2/13/2023: Corrected information regarding the custom headset design in paragraph 4.

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