What Is the Think Dirty App?

What you don't know could actually hurt you

The Think Dirty app helps you make better and healthier decisions when choosing your skincare, cosmetics, and personal care products.

Think Dirty includes a huge list of products in its database to help you learn about the ingredients in products. Once you're fully informed, you can make purchasing decisions based on what you're comfortable buying.

Sign Up With Think Dirty

The first time you open the app, you're taken on a tour of Think Dirty's key features. Tap Got It to move through each of the helpful tips. You can tap Skip if you don't want to take the tour.

The app then prompts you to create an account using either your Apple account on the iPhone or, if you select View Other Options, you can sign up with Facebook or your email address.

You don't have to create an account right away, but Think Dirty won't save any searching you do until you create an account.

Signing up with Think Dirty.

If you don't tour the app when you first sign up, Think Dirty does not give you another opportunity to take a tour.

Find Personal Care Products

Once you scan a product's barcode or search for the product by name, you'll see if there are any known toxins in the product.

Select the barcode icon in the search bar, or select the barcode icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen. Then, scan the product. The app quickly displays all product ingredients.

To search for a product, tap the Search bar and type the name of the product. Select the product when it appears in the list.

Scanning products on Think Dirty app.

Ingredients, Other Products, and Reviews

After scanning or searching for a product, you'll see an overall product rating (0 - 10) in the upper-right portion of the Product page. A zero (0) rating indicates no harmful ingredients. The higher the rating, the more negative the product's health effects.

The Shop icon is in the upper-right corner of the Product page; tap it to purchase the selected product from a Think Dirty affiliate or Amazon.com.

There are also three tabs on the Product page:

  • Ingredients: Displays every ingredient in the product and a "dirty" rating for each ingredient. Select an ingredient to find out how it's used and its health impacts.
  • Our Picks: A list of similar products that are lower in toxins and harmful ingredients.
  • Reviews: Customer product reviews and ratings.
Product tabs on Think Dirty

Adding Products to My Bathroom Shelf

You've scanned everything in your bathroom and a few more items while you were at the store. What's next?

For those products that you frequently use and want to find quickly, add them to My Bathroom Shelf. My Bathroom Shelf also tracks the overall rating of the products you use. As you remove harmful products and replace them with healthier alternatives, you'll see the progress you've made toward a toxic-free lifestyle.

To access My Bathroom Shelf, select your profile image or tap the List icon in the bottom horizontal menu.

To add a product to My Bathroom Shelf, select the History icon (clock) in the bottom horizontal menu. You'll see a list of products you've searched for or scanned. Select a product, then choose + List > My Bathroom Shelf.

Profile and History pages on Think Dirty app.

Organize Products Into Lists

Having all your products in the My Bathroom Shelf is convenient, but it can get cluttered as you add more and more products. Plus, what about those products you scanned at the store to get more information but did not buy?

When you want to organize products into categories, create lists. For example, lists are great when you want to see only makeup products or the different soaps your family uses.

To create a new list, tap the List icon in the bottom horizontal menu, then select the plus (+) sign in the upper-right corner and enter a name in the New List field.

Creating a new list in Think Dirty

You can also create a new list after you scan or select a product in the app by tapping + List > Add to New List.

Help Grow the Think Dirty Database

You may find that some of your favorite products aren't listed in the Think Dirty app. When that happens, add your product to the waiting list.

When the Think Dirty app displays the Barcode was not found message, select Submit Barcode, enter the requested information, upload a photo of the front and back of the product, and tap Submit.

Submitting missing product's barcode and images.
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