15 Fun Things You Can Do With Google Search

What to enter into Google for hidden tools and services

Google Search home page

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Google is the most popular search engine on the web, but many people don't realize the full extent of what they can do with it.

Below is a list of several products by Google that you might not have heard about, as well as a few tricks to get Google Search to behave how you want.

If you're a regular Googler, you should also check out these simple Google Search tricks to get the most out of your searches. Google Easter eggs are fun, too.

Google is known for creating fun services and then cancelling them, seemingly out of nowhere. See which products Google killed for some examples.

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Google Book Search

Google Books results for Tom Clancy

Google Books lets you do a lot of things: find a book you're interested in, search within a book's text, download a book, search reference texts, and even create your own library of your favorite books.

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Google News

Google News headlines

Find updated news stories with Google News. You can use this search service to explore news based on subject (science, health, local stories, etc.), save stories and searches, and find recommended news for you based on your interests.

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Google Movie Search

Google movie search for the lion king 2019

You can use Google to quickly look up movie information, movie reviews, movie showtimes, theater locations, and even movie trailers. Simply type in the name of the movie you're interested in, and Google will return the information you're looking for.

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Google Maps

Google Maps directions

Google Maps is an amazing resource. Not only can you use it to find maps and driving directions, it also serves as a business search engine, lets you take virtual walks down the street, shows a history of everywhere you've been, overlays satellite images, lets you share your location with others, and a whole lot more.

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Google Earth

Google Earth Discover Italy page

Google Earth is a highly detailed globe that runs in your browser. It provides a powerful way to visualize satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, and more.

You can also learn while using Google Earth because it includes Knowledge Cards about landmarks and guided adventures that take you around the world to explore cities, unusual lakes, mountains, and more.

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Google Translate

Google Translate English to Greek

You can use Google Translate to translate word, sentence, block of text, your email, or entire document into a different language, or your own if you don't understand it. A huge number of languages are supported.

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Google for Phone Numbers

Phone number search on Google

Google is a great way to find basically anything on any web page, including phone numbers. This means you can use Google to find someone's phone number with a simple search like this, where his zip code is included to help find the correct person:

"joe smith" 10004

In this example, we also use quotes in the search to pull the words together as one single phrase.

If you don't know the person's name but you do have their phone number, Google might be able to help you find it with a reverse number search:


Google used to have a phonebook feature built-in, but it was removed in 2010 due to excessive requests to have people's phone numbers removed from the index. This means you can't use the phonebook: or rphonebook: search operator to find phone numbers.

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Google Definitions

Google define quirky results

Not sure what that word means? You can use Google's define option to find out. Simply follow it with the word in question to see its definition, like this:


Included in the results is a list of definitions, an example sentence, synonyms and antonyms, the option to translate the word, and information on its origin.

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Google Groups

Google Groups home page

You can use Google Groups to find a discussion about pretty much anything, from parenting or the latest Marvel comic book to politics and more.

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Google Image Search

Google Images search results for mountains

You can use the Google Images search tool to find any kind of image you might be looking for. Options are available to filter the results by size, color, usage rights, type of picture, and more.

Another way to use Google Images is as a reverse image search engine where you can find pictures that look like one that you have.

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Google Travel

Google Trips page

You can use Google to plan a trip, including search for flights and hotels, access travel guides, find top restaurants in the area, and more.

When you explore a particular destination, you'll find things you can do there, the best times to visit, travel articles about that area, and more.

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Google Weather Search

Google weather results for denver colorado

Something else you can type into Google Search to get unique results is weather followed by a location. This is one of the easiest ways to get the weather report anywhere in the world.

There's a current temperature reading and weather condition, as well as the chance for precipitation and a week-long forecast.

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Google Finance

Google Finance World Markets

You can use Google Finance to research stocks, track financial news, and more.

Without entering a search term, you can find top stories and local/world market information.

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Google Calculator

Google Calculator results

Need a quick answer to a math problem? Type it and let Google Calculator figure it out. For example, you can type into Google a problem such as 2(4*3) + 978 to instantly get the answer.

Beyond typing calculator for accessing Google Calculator, you can also enter unit converter for a similar tool that works with temperature, length, mass, speed, volume, time, and other units of measurement.

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Google Site Search

Site search on Google for 6G on lifewire.com

You can use Google to find something within a specific site. This is really helpful if the site in question doesn't include its own search tool or if you like using Google's website to search through a particular website.

For example, typing election site:cnn.com shows all web pages that match the election keyword, but only on cnn.com.