10 Things You Can Do With a Wiki

A woman working at a computer using software to analyze qualitative data.
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Wikis are a great way to get your voice heard on the internet. You can start a wiki about anything you want. A wiki allows you to discuss something that's important to you, while at the same time getting opinions and information from other people that visit your wiki. Wikis allow your readers to become part of your website by letting them add their ideas and information to the wiki too.

1. Create It Without Any Code

The best part about a wiki is that you don't need to learn any new software, or install anything, or upload any files to your computer. You also don't need to know HTML or any other type of programming language. You just need to type into your browser. Simple.

2. Create an Interactive Photo Album

Do you have a site online where you host your photos so your friends and family can come see them? Now you can take your online photo album to a whole new level. Move your photos to your wiki and allow your friends and family to add comments, backgrounds, stories about the photos, or anything else they want. Maybe they could even add photos of their own if you want them too.

3. Plan a Special Event

Try out this scenario. You have a special event coming up — let's say a wedding or a graduation, or maybe a family reunion. You want to know who's coming, if they're bringing guests, how long they're planning on staying, what hotel they're staying at, and what else they may be bringing. By having them post their information on the wiki, you can better plan your party, and they can plan to do things with other people who are coming to the party too. Maybe they want to stay in the same hotel or meet someone somewhere.

4. Create a Tribute or Memorial

Do you have someone or something that you want to create a tribute or memorial to? A wiki is great for this. You can post information about the person, place or event, and other people can post their ideas, feelings, and facts they know about the person or event. This can be about anything you want; your favorite rock star or TV show, or someone you lost that is dear to you, or an event like September 11, the Tsunami of December 1994, or a war. It's ultimately up to you; after all, it's your wiki.

5. Involve Your Group

Are you involved in a group of some kind? Perhaps a sport, church, or after-school activities? Create a wiki for it. You can keep your members up to date on the latest events and other things. They can let you know if they can come to the events, or if they want to help out and what they can do. This can be immensely useful to both you and them.

6. Create a Design For Your Wiki

All you or your wiki's readers have to do to make a change to a wiki is click a button, edit the page, and click another button. The WYSIWYG type editor that most wikis have will let you do all sorts of things with your wiki, and you don't have to know anything about coding or web design to do it. Change colors, add photos, add backgrounds and have fun.

7. Get Other People to Fix Your Typos

Did you ever upload a web page to your site with an error on it? Then months later someone emails you about the error and you think, "Oh no, this errors been up for months, hundreds of people have seen it, they must think I'm an idiot for making this error." Worry no more. With a wiki, the person who notices the error can quickly fix it himself--no problem. Now only one person has seen your error. And it's not just for spelling errors. Maybe you have your facts wrong about something important; they can fix that too.

8. Update Information With a Click

The ability to easily update information is another great thing about a wiki. Let's say your wiki is about your favorite rock star. He's done something and you didn't hear about it, but one of your readers did. That person can come to your wiki and add the new information to the wiki in minutes. Now your wiki's up to date again. If that person had his facts wrong, then the next person who comes along and reads what he wrote can fix it too.

9. Get Your Wiki Online For Free

There are many different wiki hosting sites on the internet where you can start your own wiki.

10. Add Videos, Chat, and Blogs

You can even add videos right from YouTube to your wiki. It's just as easy as adding a YouTube video to any site. Just find the video you like and add the code.

If you want a completely interactive wiki, then you'll want to add chat so you and your readers can chat with each other. This is especially good for wikis that are geared toward a group or a family.

If you're a blogger and you have a Blogger blog, you can add your Blogger blog to your wiki. Your readers will no longer have to go from one site to the other to read all about you. They can read your blog right from the wiki.