Three Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Your GPS

Your car GPS can do more than just give you directions. Learn how to download and install fun and free new vehicle icons. Tired of your GPS's voice? Download and install some celebrity voices. You may also use your GPS to find the best gas prices.

Alternative Car Icons

If you use a Garmin in-car GPS, there are much more interesting car icons available than the few that appear within your unit's stock menu.

In fact, you don't need to "drive" a car at all. How about a fire truck, or a football, or a tank, police car, motorcycle or stock car? Sound like fun? Read on to learn how to download and install free new GPS icons.

GPS Voices

You're not stuck with the nice, but bland and generic voice that speaks directions from your in-car GPS. Most stock receivers come with alternate voices built in. But in some cases, you can download and install amusing new text-to-speech voices that will impress your friends, miff your significant other (some alternative voices are downright sultry), or just provide digital companionship as you find your way through the world. Here's how to find and install new voices.

Find the Best Gas Prices With Garmin

"Cheap" and "gas" don't belong in the same sentence anymore, but we all want to find the lowest available price for the stuff. There are some Web sites that help you compare gas prices, but even better would be a way to track down the best prices when you're in your car and on the move.

That is now possible with an in-car portable GPS that can run the MSN Direct service.

Find the Best Gas Prices With TomTom

TomTom's Fuel Prices feature helps you find the lowest gas prices by identifying and ranking stations by price and location. TomTom's car GPS features then provide you with turn-by-turn driving directions to the gas station with the best price.

You will need a compatible TomTom "GO" model in-car GPS and yearly subscription to the TomTom Fuel Prices service to use this feature.

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