Online Diaries vs. Blogs

They Don't Come More Personal

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Michael Patrick O'Leary / Getty Images

No personal website is more personal than an online diary. When you write a diary online, you create something that is intimate. You tell about your hopes, your dreams, and your desires. Every day or week you go onto your website and write about all the things you did and how they made you feel. You describe moments in your life that you may not want close friends and family to know about. Yet you write them online for all the world to see.

Why Write an Online Diary?

Why would anyone put their most intimate thoughts online or write about things they wouldn't tell their mothers? You'd probably be surprised to find out that most online diarists are not eccentric or flamboyant people. Most are regular, everyday people. Some are single people who are looking to find themselves, some are business people trying to deal with their stressful lives, and some are parents who like to talk about their kids.


Some people choose to write a weblog instead of an online diary website. A weblog (or blog) is great for people who don't have the time to create an entire website and keep it updated. Many sites allow you to write your own blog on their server. All you have to do is sign up and start writing. Updating is done easily in just a few minutes. Some of these sites even have software you can download that allows you to upload your daily entries right from your desktop without having to log in to the site first.

Some popular blog hosting sites are Blogger and Live Journal. They offer online blogs that are easy to update and easy to use. Whether a diary website or blog is best for you is a matter of opinion. If you want to have an online diary but don't have time to create and update a website, then look at blog hosting sites and choose the one you like best.

Get Personal

If you want something much more personal that illustrates who you are and not just what you do, then an online diary ​website may be the best way to go. An online diary is more personal than a blog because you add more to it than just your entries. You have a home page that tells people what they will find on your site complete with images that set the mood. You construct a biography page that tells the reader who you are and what to expect to see on your site. There may even be essays by you on topics you are interested in or a photo album to make your site complete.

Don't Be Afraid

If you're afraid to create an online diary because you think your friends and family might find it and read it, don't be. Many online diarists use a fake name so no one will ever know who they are. They also use an email address with their fake name so the site can't be traced to them.

Some people have the opposite need. They use passwords for their site because they don't want strangers to read what they write. Instead, they give the URL and password to friends they know.

Writing your diary online does not make you an outlandish, bizarre or freakish person. It just makes you a person who wants to create a website so you can tell all about yourself, your family and your interests. It makes you a person who wants to keep track of your life in a new, modern way and doesn't mind if other people read it and are, possibly, inspired by it.