These Wireless Earbuds Are Made Specifically for Gamers

Low latency, a noise-canceling mic, and more

When you think of gaming headphones, you likely picture a standard over-the-ear design, but Swedish audio experts Urbanista have another idea. 

The company just launched its Seoul earbuds, wireless earphones made for mobile and console gaming applications. Urbanista says the sound quality here is on par with larger pairs of gaming headphones, just with a much tinier form factor. 

Urbanista Seoul


Another major boon for gamers here is latency. The Seoul earbuds boast a latency of 70 ms, which is a bit longer than some of the higher-grade gaming headphones out there, but still within that sweet spot of 40 to 80 ms. In other words, you probably won’t sense any lag and, again, these are earbuds, making the low latency an impressive feat. 

There’s a Bluetooth receiver, allowing for instantaneous wireless connections with mobile devices, PCs, and gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch. 

Other gaming-adjacent perks include a noise-canceling microphone, so you can encourage your teammates before winning a match, and touch controls for making minute adjustments to the sound. 

As for other specs, the battery lasts up to 32 hours per charge, and Urbanista gives consumers the option to charge via USB-C or with an included wireless charging case. These buds are IPX4 water-resistant for those intense poolside gaming sessions and integrate with Siri and Google Voice Assistant. 

Urbanista Seoul earphones are available for purchase on the company’s official sales page in four colors.

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