These Three New USB Mics Are Great for Podcasting, Meetings, and More

From keyboard switch manufacturer Cherry

Renowned keyboard switch manufacturer Cherry is increasing its portfolio with the release of three new USB computer microphones. 

The company just announced the new UM microphone series. These USB mics are built to excel with modern computing tasks like recording your next podcast and attending virtual meetings. 

Someone speaking into a Cherry USB Microphone.

Cherry SE

The UM 3.0, UM 6.0 Advanced, and UM 9.0 Pro RGB USB microphones are all sturdy and durable devices, and they each ship with a metal stand for even more durability. These USB mics feature touch-to-mute functionality, accessible volume control, an integrated headphone jack, and plug-and-play compatibility with a host of popular devices like the PS4, PS5, PCs, and Macs. 

So what’s the difference between the three? The UM 3.0 is the most basic offering, with a scanning rate of 96 KHz and 24 bits. As such, the mic is designed for single-person use, as it offers just one directional capsule. 

The UM 6.0 Advanced is a more versatile option, with a pair of polar patterns that can record sounds from two directions at once. There is also a built-in shock mount to reduce sound distortions. 

The UM 9.0 Pro RGB brings color into the mix, with integrated lighting to add color and effects to recording sessions. This USB mic also features three polar patterns, giving users supreme control over how and where they want the microphone pointed. In other words, this is the best mic to record a group of people at once. 

Cherry Microphones Price and Availability

These microphones release in March. The UM 3.0 costs $70, the UM 6.0 costs $90, and the UM 9.0 costs $120. Additionally, Cherry is releasing a range of accessories, such as pop filters and aluminum swivel arms. 

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