These New High-End Headphones Are Modular, Repairable, and Sustainable

The Fairbuds XL by Fairphone are available today

Dutch manufacturer Fairphone has just revealed a pair of headphones that are fully modular, repairable, and made from recycled and fair-trade materials. 

The confusingly named Fairbuds XL are not earbuds but rather over-ear headphones with plenty of tech-forward features. The modular construction allows users to conduct self-repairs when necessary, and, to that end, the headphones ship with various replacement parts. Right-to-repair is a hot-button issue right now, as gadgets keep getting more expensive yet more disposable, so incorporating a modular design should ease some consumer concerns. 

Fairphone Fairbuds XL


First and foremost, these are high-end headphones. They feature a 40mm dynamic audio driver calibrated by industry leader Sonarworks, noise cancellation, and more. The easily replaceable battery gets 30 hours per charge, and the two-point Bluetooth connection allows for seamless switching between audio sources. Despite being modular, the Fairbuds XL is still weather resistant with an IP54 water-resistance certification. 

They integrate with a proprietary app filled with repair tutorials, EQ presets, and a storefront to order replacement parts. Fairphone also touts the sustainable design here, thanks to an abundance of recycled plastic, recycled aluminum, and vegan leather. These headphones ship with a case made from recycled polyester and nylon. 

The Fairbuds XL headphones are available for order right now on the company’s website and via selected retail partners, though just in Europe for now. The headphones are available in two colors, speckled green, and speckled black, and cost around $270. 

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