These New Computer Accessories Might Make It Easier for You to Work Remotely

With a mouse, keyboard, and powerbank to choose from

Laptop accessory company Xebec, makers of the portable Tri-Screen attachment, have three new accessories to keep you working from anywhere.

Xebec's Tri-Screen itself is a collapsible, travel-sized mini monitor back you can adjust and slip over your laptop to give you two additional screens while you work. But what if you need a little more than three screens to get the job done? That's where Xebec's trio of new accessories—a keyboard, mouse, and power bank—comes in.

Xebec Pro bundle


The Keyboard is a 6.8mm (about 0.27 inches) thin, full-sized, wireless keyboard you can keep with you for those times when a more compact laptop keyboard doesn't quite cut it. You can connect it to a Mac, Windows PC, Linux system, Chromebook, or even an iOS device using built-in Bluetooth 5.1. And it's rechargeable, claiming a 200 mAh battery life.

The Mouse also connects to a Mac, Windows PC, Linux system, Chromebook, or iOS device using Bluetooth 5.1, along with a stated battery life of 500 mAh. But beyond that, The Mouse also offers 4-way scrolling, adjustable sensitivity with a dedicated DPI button, and buttons for forward and back navigation.

Xebec Tri Screen 2


Finally there's The PowerBank, which is a 3.7V, 74Wh battery weighing less than a pound, offering 20,000 mAh along with charging ports for both 60W USB-C and 22.5W USB-A (though it only includes a USB-C charging cable). It's intended to charge anything that can be powered up to 60W with a USB-C or USB-A connection and claims up to seven full smartphone charges or 1.5 full laptop charges.

All of Xebec's new accessories are available to order directly through the company. The Mouse is $79, The PowerBank is $89, and The Keyboard is $99. The Keyboard is shipping now, but The Mouse starts shipping October 7, and The PowerBank ships on October 10. There are also several bundles available priced from $158 (The Mouse and The Keyboard) to $695 (The Pro).

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