These New Bone Conducting Headphones May Help You Smash Your Fitness Goals

Bluetooth multipoint lets you sync to two devices at once

Haylou has upgraded its popular PurFree bone-conduction headphones with new features to fit modern fitness enthusiasts. 

The PurFree BC01 headphones offer a lightweight and comfortable fit and stellar sound without ever going in your ear canal due to the magic of bone conduction tech. These headphones, and others like them, use the wearer’s cheekbones to conduct sound waves, with the speakers sitting near but not in the ear. 

Haylou Purfree


Why does this design benefit fitness activities? When you exercise, you sweat a lot, and this moisture seeps into the ear canal and can reduce the lifespan of traditional in-ear headphones. Bone conduction models encounter barely a drop of sweat, making them ideal for lengthy exercise sessions. 

Additionally, having the ear canals open lets users naturally hear the world around them, as needed, which is helpful when running or cycling in busy environments. 

There are more features here to benefit users of all types, including Bluetooth multipoint technology, so you can have multiple audio devices wirelessly connected at once. The new PurFree headphones have also been designed to integrate with glasses, so you won’t be fumbling on the ground every five seconds looking for fallen items. 

Haylou PurFree


The battery lasts ten hours per charge, with a 10-minute quick charge option to squeeze out two additional hours of use. These headphones are water-resistant, made from skin-friendly silicone, and boast a light and compact form factor. 

The Haylou PurFree headphones are available now on Amazon and directly from the manufacturer for $120. There is only one color for now, black, but the company says more options will be forthcoming later in the year. 

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