These New Audeze Gaming Headphones Promise One of the Best Batteries Around

80+ hours per charge and ultra-low latency

Audeze has just announced a new pair of gaming headphones with a fantastic battery and many other bells and whistles. 

The standout feature of the forthcoming Audeze Maxwell headphones is the "class-leading" battery that gets over 80 hours of playtime per charge. That is nearly four full days of trash-talking or, uh, being trash-talked to (seriously, though, take breaks.) 

The Audeze Maxwell gaming headphones.


This isn’t just a large battery, however, as these headphones are also built to deliver ultra-low latency, with a latency reduction of up to 300 percent compared to the company’s previous-generation Penrose headset. Maxwell also allows for high-resolution audio, up to 24-bit/96kHz, when connected via an included USB dongle. 

The wireless range is also improved, though Audeze did not give an exact estimate, though the headset does support an array of wired connection types, such as USB-C and 3.5mm. 

Two versions of Maxwell will be available at launch. Maxwell for Xbox and PC is a Microsoft-licensed product with the first-ever auto-activating Dolby Atmos license. Maxwell for Playstation and PC offers support for Tempest 3D audio. Both versions include head-tracking as part of the design to add to the immersion. 

Of course, these are gaming headsets, so you will see features like a game-chat mix, gaming presets, a personalized multi-band EQ, and integration with the company’s app for even more customization. 

Audeze’s Maxwell headphones officially go on sale in January. Maxwell for Playstation costs $300, while Maxwell for Xbox costs $330 due to the included Dolby Atmos license. Both versions support Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and the Nintendo Switch, in addition to Xbox and Playstation consoles. Preorders start today.

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