The Yamaha YAS-106 Sound Bar Profiled

Yamaha YAS-106 Sound Bar
Yamaha YAS-106 Sound Bar. Image provided by Yamaha

Sound Bars continue to be a popular option for improving sound for TV viewing, and one manufacturer that offers some interesting choices is Yamaha.

Yamaha's take on sound bars is split into two product lines, one line consists of higher-end models that utilize Digital Sound projection technology, and carry the YSP designation, but they also have a second line of very affordable sound bar products without Digital Sound Projection, which carry the YAS designation.

The model under discussion in this article is the YAS-106.

Introduction To The Yamaha YAS-106

To start, the Yamaha YAS-106 is designed to look as good as it sounds, with a sleek physical cabinet with curved edges and ends.

The YAS-106 is 35-inches wide (which provides good physical and soundfield match for TVs with 32 to 50-inch screen sizes), 2-1/8-inches high, and 5-1/8-inches deep. The unit can be either shelf or wall mounted. Also, with its low 2 1/8-inches height, it can be placed in front of most TVs without blocking the bottom edge the screen, or block your TVs remote control sensor, which can be an issue with some other sound bars that are on the market.

Audio Decoding and Processing

For audio, the YAS-106 provides both Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround Audio decoding, which is further supported by Virtual Surround, which delivers an adequate surround sound field, with only two speakers required. Although not as precise as Yamaha's Digital Sound Projection technology (which, technically, is a variation of virtual surround sound), it does not require wall sound reflections to optimize the surround effect.

One additional audio processing feature that is included is Clear Voice, which provides extra emphasis for vocals and dialog.

Speaker Complement and Power Output

In terms of speakers, the YAS-106 houses two compact 2-1/8 mid-range, two 3/4-inch tweeters, and two 3 inch subwoofers, supported with side mounted ports for extended bass response. There is also an extended bass function that is great when listening at low volumes. A separate wired or wireless subwoofer is not included, but a subwoofer line output is provided if needed or desired.

One external add-on subwoofer option is the Yamaha YST-SW012.

The frequency response for the entire system is listed as 60Hz to 23kHz, and Yamaha also states the power output of the YAS-106 as 30 WPC maximum for the speakers, and 60 watts maximum for the combined subwoofers - However, no test measurement standard was provided.

Connectivity Options

Audio connectivity options for the YAS-106 include one digital optical, one digital coaxial, and a set of analog stereo (3.5mm) inputs, as well as incorporating wireless Bluetooth for access to music from compatible portable devices.

NOTE: The YAS-106 does not provide access to a local network connected or internet streaming content directly as it has no Ethernet connection or built-in Wifi. It is also important to point out that the YAS-106 is not compatible with Yamaha's MusicCast Wireless Multi-room Audio System.

On the other hand, one HDMI input/output set provided. The HDMI input will accept both audio and video signals, but the YAS-106 does not provide any additional video processing. However, the HDMI connections provide pass-through of up to 4K resolution video signals (at 60hz) and are also 3D, HDR and HDCP 2.2 compatible. For audio, the HDMI output connection also provides support for Audio Return Channel, which reduces the need for extra audio cables between your TV and the sound bar.

NOTE: Although HDMI connections are provided, the YAS-106 does not provide access to HDMI-based Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio signals.

As an additional comment, it would have been nice if Yamaha could have included 2 HDMI inputs instead of just one to accommodate an additional HDMI source component (in other words, being able to connect both a Blu-ray Disc player and either a Cable/Satellite Box, Media Streamer, or even a game console).

Control Options

Yamaha's iOS and Android Remote Controller App.

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Original Publish Date: 08/09/2016 - Robert Silva